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What Is A No Bonus Casino?

A no bonus casino is, to some, a supremely odd choice of marketing ploy, mostly because online casinos usually offer many bonuses to players. 

However, some online casinos specifically offer no bonuses to players, which gives players another type of choice to make. We take a look at some of the different ways that casinos present no deposit deals to players and why it might be worth choosing one of them as your online destination.

No Bonus Casinos

Generally speaking, no bonus casinos are online casinos that don’t offer players the opportunity to claim a bonus when playing.

Of course, most online casinos do offer a bonus to players – to try and attract new players due to the high amount of competition between casinos that are licensed in New Zealand and other locations around the world. 

No bonus casinos tend to be sites that don’t offer bonuses to players in any way, shape, or form. This means that there are no bonus-themed terms and conditions in place. 

This instantly makes it easier for players to know what’s required of them when playing. This is mainly due to regulations being in place which can be slightly more complicated when bonuses are offered. 

This means that when players make a deposit, all they get to play with is the deposit that they make. Obviously, this can limit players when it comes to the size of their bankroll. 

However, it also means that some of the more restrictive terms and conditions, such as high wagering requirements, are removed, which can benefit players. There are no withdrawal rules when it comes to your winnings, and what you get back is, very simply, what you can take out.

Despite no bonus casinos generally not offering a bonus, there are some cases where these casinos can offer players a reward. An example of this would be if the casino awards players with a cashback reward without any attached wagering requirements.

In this situation, the cashback is awarded based on the losses that the player has suffered. It will often be offered as a percentage, normally around the 10% range. 

This doesn’t count as a bonus as players don’t have to carry out any specific deposits in order to qualify for it – it’s simply an addition to whatever has already been wagered. 

This ensures that players don’t have to worry about any terms and conditions and that they are just rewarded for playing on the site, similar to a loyalty bonus. 

Positives To Playing At No Bonus Casinos

There is one huge positive to playing at a no deposit casino. This is that there are no wagering requirements in place. Wagering requirements are usually based around a multiple of the deposit that is made. Here’s how wagering requirements typically work:

  • A deposit is made 
  • The deposit will be awarded a bonus
  • Players will then have to play through the bonus a number of times before a withdrawal can be made
  • A bonus of £100 with a wagering requirement of 25x would need wagers of £2,500 to be made before a withdrawal can be requested

As you can see, playing at a casino that awards bonuses means that it can be quite difficult to grab a reward. By playing at a no bonus casino, you are able to avoid wagering requirements. This means that you will be able to make a withdrawal almost right away. 

Most casinos still require a single playthrough before a withdrawal can be made, but once you have played through your deposit a single time, then you can withdraw any of your winnings. 

Cashback Casinos

This is slightly different than a no bonus casino. As already mentioned, some no deposit casinos will award players cashback. With casino use increasing over the last few years for a variety of reasons, players have been looking for different ways to play. 

What cashback casinos offer is an alternative to bonuses. This means that players are able to start playing without having to claim a bonus. It ensures that a reward can still be claimed, but there is no need for restrictive terms and conditions to claim it. 

The reward is obviously on a different level to normal bonuses. Normal bonuses tend to offer at least 100% as a matched deposit, whereas cashback rewards typically offer less than 25%. 

When Should You Choose A No Bonus Casino?

Normally, players tend to choose standard online casinos when they want to boost their bankroll – if you know beforehand you’re likely to play for a while, or have the expendable income to make large deposits, it’s a great strategy.

In this situation, it’s normally players that want to carry out bankroll management strategies that choose bonuses. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. 

If you want to play without having to keep an eye on your wagering requirements, then a no bonus casino is the best way to do it. This will allow you to make a withdrawal when you have made a big win without needing to worry about carrying out additional playthroughs.

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