4 mins ago

    CoFI debate returns to the agenda

    After numerous delays and lengthy consultations, the Financial Markets (Institutional Behavior) Amendment Bill (CoFI) is returning to Congress. Tuesday, July…
    7 mins ago

    Little People star Matt Lorov’s girlfriend Carin hangs with her grandson after Amy is torn for a “never” babysitter.

    Little People, Big World star Matt Lorov’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, played with her grandchildren. The 53-year-old spent a fulfilling time…
    10 mins ago

    Injury due to increase in high school lacrosse, research show

    Latest Exercise and Fitness News Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (HealthDay News)-A new study shows that high school lacrosse players are…
    17 mins ago

    How Claim Overpayment Leads to Product Innovation

    Most mainstream news media are happy to tell people about when an insurer refuses a claim. They love it. Insurance…
    22 mins ago

    Dirty air kills 30,000 Americans each year

    Stephen ReinbergHealth Day Reporter Thursday, July 25, 2019 (HealthDay News)-Despite improved air quality since the 1990s, pollution still causes lung…
    32 mins ago

    Heather Locklear returns to lifelong film performance three years after being arrested for “assaulting police officers and paramedics”

    HEATHER Locklear brings her back to acting in a new lifelong film. The latest 59-year-old movie is three years after…
    34 mins ago

    Gene discovery can shed new light on schizophrenia

    Latest mental health news Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (HealthDay News)-One of the largest studies ever conducted on the genetic origin…
    44 mins ago

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 Day 4 Live Results: Thomas Dean and Duncan Scott Deliver Stunning Swim Gold and Silver

    Dean and Scott medals Brit pair Thomas Dean and Duncan Scott won gold and silver in the Men’s 200m Freestyle…
    45 mins ago

    Wallabies are exempt from entering New Zealand for Bledisloe despite the outbreak of Covid

    The Bledisloe Cup will be held in New Zealand after the government grants an Australian team an economic exemption from…
    46 mins ago

    This is how many years you can get by keeping heart disease away

    Thursday, July 25, 2019 (USA heart Association News)- Heart disease Is the leading cause of death in Japan, with about…
      56 mins ago

      Bachelorette Live tonight-Fan favorite Michael Ario shocks Katie Thurston and says she’s leaving to go with her son

      Moment Connor Brennan is made with fans Hosts Tayshia Adams and Caitlin Bristow, who made their Mentel All debut after…
      1 hour ago

      Little People’s pregnant Isabel Lorov apologizes for “causing painful people” after the miscarriage of her sister-in-law Tori

      Little People, Big World’s pregnant star Isabellov, apologized for “causing painful people.” The 25-year-old shared a message following the miscarriage…
      1 hour ago

      Tom Dean and Duncan Scott Deliver Great Gold and Silver to Team GB in Men’s 200m Freestyle at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

      TEAM GB secured a stunning one-on-two in the 200m freestyle final. Thomas Dean grabbed the gold, followed by Duncan Scott…
      2 hours ago

      Donald Trump Live-Don Jr. joins Trump and blames Twitter vaccinated mask advice as ally Tom Barrack pleads not guilty

      Trump renames MLB Cleveland Guardian in rally Trump accused the Cleveland Guardian of renaming at a rally. The team recently…
      2 hours ago

      Amazing Shazam characters confirmed due to the wrath of the gods

      But wait, he didn’t die first Shazam! movie? Yes, yes, but let’s take a look at this new information first.Djimon…
      2 hours ago

      Teen Mama Briana Dejes broke down and thanks ex-Deboin Austin for “loving” her daughter Stella, 4 in a reunion clip

      TEEN Mom Briana DeJesus thanked former Devoin Austin for “loving” her 4-year-old daughter Stella in a reunion clip. The 26-year-old,…
      2 hours ago

      GB hit Olympic champion Fiji at Rugby Sevens but still qualifies for QF

      SHELLSHOCKED GB was re-attacked by Rio’s nemesis Fiji as hopes for revenge in 2016 were shattered. Skippers Tom Mitchell and…
      2 hours ago

      Whitney Waysaw of my Big Fat Fabulous Life is “exhausted” by followers commenting on her weight

      My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore commented on her weight “exhausted by followers” and “always”. NS Dailymail.com…
      3 hours ago

      Mike Lindell said Biden and Harris would resign on this day, saying they “regret that Democrats voted for them.”

      MYPILLOW CEO Mike Lindell said both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will resign on August 13. The…
      3 hours ago

      Bachelorette Live tonight-Fan favorite Michael Ario shocks Katie Thurston and says she’s leaving to go with her son

      Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette Season Episode 8 features the “Men Tell All” special. A preview of tonight’s episode reveals that this…
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