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Kiwis Will Never Stop Loving Rugby and This Is Why

Why do Kiwis Love Rugby So Much?

Kiwis are big when it comes to rugby. In fact, most betting sites NZ make sure to cover this sport, but an even bigger and perhaps more important question is why people in the country love rugby so much. Well, there are at least several reasons why the sport is on such a high pedestal in New Zealand. We will go over most of these and try to better understand the logic that goes in enjoying one of the more violent sports out there. For Kiwis, though, it’s hardly about anything violent.

#1 Huge Viewership on TV

The first reason is very self-explanatory. Huge interest in the sport is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Essentially, people in New Zealand have something to do because there is so much rugby going on. Roughly, 4.5 million watch rugby frequently in New Zealand. For a country whose population sits at 5 million, this is a lot. The professed love and appreciation for the sport are clear and that’s alright.

#2 Great Community Sport

One important thing to consider is the fact that rugby is, after all, a great community sport. It’s not about whether you can tackle an opponent, it’s about coming together as a community and having fun. People in New Zealand are not necessarily competitive when they play rugby – it can all be a good sport and a very healthy exercise which is great when put together. People who enjoy group activities will find rugby to be particularly appreciated in the country and this is good news for everyone.

#3 It Offers Great Health Benefits

Yes, rugby is a national sport, but it also offers great health benefits. Combining aerobic with anaerobic exercises, you can rest assured that rugby is one of those sports that will really offer great benefits for your body and mind, as you will be able to continue keeping in good shape and creating great benefits for yourself. While the sport can be a little rough, Kiwi know the value of good sportsmanship and they are very happy to play recreationally more so than in any aggressive manner. This offers an excellent opportunity to exercise healthily.

#4 Good Way to Bring the Nation Together

Even if people are not participating in the sport, they can enjoy it a great deal. Rugby is a sport that brings people together and that gives them reason to enjoy the competitions as a nation. Kiwis would like to switch on their TVs, attend games in public and just have a blast overall as they revel in the fanfare and other attributive qualities of the sport which is not just about competition – it’s a true celebration with all the festivities that you can expect from having a good time.

#5 Just the Way Things Are

Last but not least, the simple truth is that rugby is just the nation’s sports of choice, just like the UK enjoys football and the United States has the NFL. There is no big mystery here, but for better or for worse, Kiwis do love their rugby.

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