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Young Carers: New Survey Reveals True Price of Cost of Living Crisis for Children and Youth

new research from caregiver trust reveals the devastating impact of the cost-of-living crisis, and the growing responsibility for caring for children and young people who are unpaid and cared for by families.

The report will be published today (March 9). young carer action day The Carers Trust event on March 15th aims to raise awareness of the impact on young people who are in care roles without proper support.

surprising discovery

A UK-wide survey of 1,109 young carers under the age of 18 and young adult carers aged 18-25, including 181 living in Scotland, reveals the surprising finding that many young people contribute to or control household finances. was shown. In Scotland, 36% of respondents said they always or usually face additional costs because they are young or young adult carers, and 66% said the cost of living crisis always or usually affects them He said it affected his family.

“I want to solve my child’s problems. Instead, I’m saving up to pay the rent and see if I can squeeze in food at the end.

Young adults who responded to the survey

The study also found an increased responsibility for caring. More than half of those surveyed in Scotland reported that they balance their studies, work and non-caring lives while caring for her 20 to 49 hours a week. However, as many said in the survey, this does not reflect the extra time they spend worrying about the needs of the person they care for, so the actual figure is likely much higher. There is a possibility

In total, 54% of young and adult carer respondents in Scotland said they spent more time in care than they did last year, and 36% said they were caring for more people than before. I’m here.

“I can’t stop worrying. Especially when it’s time to go to bed, my brain is constantly worrying about what tomorrow will bring, hospital appointments, money, and so on.

Young adults who responded to the survey

education and welfare

A higher proportion of caregivers spend long hours a week and complain about money problems, lack of social time, stress and worry, not getting enough rest, sleep, and time for themselves. reporting.

When asked about education, nearly half of Scottish respondents said they received little or no help at school, college or university to balance care and teaching work, while overall A third of respondents said they usually or always struggle with that balance. Lack of support from school was also highlighted, with 32% of her Scottish respondents finding their school, college or university to have little or no understanding of her being a caregiver. I answer no.

In Scotland, 50% of working people always or usually struggle to balance caregiving and paid work.

“There is a lot of pressure on me that is damaging my health, my happiness, my success, my happiness and my future.”

Young adults who responded to the survey

Findings show that these pressures have a devastating effect on mental health. Many young and young adult carers struggle with emotional well-being and feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. The survey revealed that 52% of her Scottish respondents were always or usually stressed.

Illustrating the overwhelming nature of being a young carer, one respondent said: Bad weather can throw your whole house into chaos. It’s exhausting and traumatic. ”

timely reminder

Carers Trust Scotland Director Louise Morgan told Enable Magazine:

“At Carers Trust, we are fully aware of the care Young Carers provide to their families and how that has been enhanced during and after the pandemic. We already know the economic and social opportunities will be hit, but young carers say the time they spend in care has increased by 54% over the past year. Add in the difficulty of leaving from home, and more than 29,000 young carers are caught in a complete storm.

“These children and young people underpin much of the health and social care that is provided to these families, so we make time for young carers, listen to them, We have to make sure they get the support they need.”

Louise Morgan, Carers Trust

In their responses, Young Carers and Young Adult Carers highlighted key areas in need of support. money and finances; a break from education and care;

Based on our findings, caregiver trust We are making recommendations and requesting the following:

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