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You may have to name your next daughter Mark

A 2019 study by Stuff* showed that NZX has more male CEOs, called Mark, than female CEOs.

Friday, November 4, 2022 at 10:41 AM

Mint Asset Management

Rebecca Thomas, Founder and CEO of Mint Asset Management, said:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Impact Report 2022 A study by Global Women and Champions for Change showed that only 14% or 7 of the NZX50 companies have female CEOs. This is surprising given that women will make up 47% of New Zealand’s workforce in 2022. The DEI Impact Report found that if female labor force participation increased to 50% of her by 2030, her 9% of GDP would increase further, bringing the New Zealand economy from her $20 billion to her $40 billion. We estimate that

I started my working career in London in the late 1980s. With a background in law and an initial career trajectory as a barrister, he moved into the financial services industry. My initial interest in finance came from mismanagement of my family’s trust. This experience taught me a great lesson about not depending on others for your financial well-being.

To put it into perspective, there were still laws in England during this period that restricted the economic well-being and independence of women. It stripped you of your tax privacy. The couple’s income was added together and treated as the husband’s income. Under the Income Tax Act of 1918, married women were classified as “incapacitated,” alongside infants, madmen, and the insane.

At an early age, I realized how important it is to provide people with the tools to become financially independent so that they have choices and opportunities throughout their lives. , must act independently.

In 1996, I became the first female CEO of London’s Johnson Fry PLC (now Legg Mason Investors) and the youngest CEO of a FTSE listed company. After several other leadership positions, including her CIO of ING NZ, in 2006 she founded Mint Asset Management. This is when she became one of New Zealand’s few female founders and CEOs of financial services businesses.

What can be done to make it easier for women to reach leadership positions? Parental leave policies can be made gender neutral in terms of changes at the business level. My time as a new parent has been a balancing act, but the less time I take off work, the easier it is to get back into the workforce, the less retraining, and the less chance I have of missing growth opportunities in my career. I noticed that there was less

From a leadership and mentoring perspective, we ensure that women in our company have the right support and development programs in place for their success. That way, when a project or promotion comes up, your manager already knows what you want and expect from your career plan, and can suggest it.

If another reason other than morality and the interests of the economy as a whole is needed, the DEI Impact Report analyzes companies by level of gender diversity in their management teams and, as a result, ranks in the top quartile of gender diversity in their management teams. Companies in the 1 are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the bottom quartile.

Disclaimer: Rebecca Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer of Mint Asset Management Limited. The above article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice.

Mint Asset Management is the issuer of the Mint Asset Management Fund. Download a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement here.



Mint Asset Management is an independent investment management firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. Mint Asset Management is the issuer of the Mint Asset Management Fund. Download a copy of our Product Disclosure Statement here https://mintasset.co.nz/assets/PDS-SIPO/Mint-Product-Disclosure-Statement-2020.pdf

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