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New Zealand

Workers gladly show the door when Rob Campbell lashes out at clubwalk away from ‘co-rule’

analysis: New health minister Ayesha Verrall acted decisively To get rid of the wrong Health NZ Chairman Rob Campbell.

After a long career in unions, business (he chaired Sky City, Summerset, Tourism Holdings) and most recently in the public sector, Campbell was fired by Verral for: Incorporation on LinkedIn and lashed out at the Kuomintang’s three-water zone plan proposed over the weekend.

His post states, among other things: Christopher Luxon may be able to save his party from his stupidity about climate change, but it may be difficult to save this one from the well he dug himself.

Verrall issued a terse statement Tuesday afternoon saying it was “no longer certain that Mr Campbell would be able to exercise the political neutrality required for his role in Te Whatu Ora”.

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Senior civil servants and corporate figures need to be able to do credible work in all aspects of politics so governments don’t change.

Last year, Beehive complained about its dissatisfaction with Campbell’s performance. It’s unclear how much these rumors influenced him to drop him from his role in Te Whatu Ora – Health NZ.

Campbell brought a refreshing sense of openness about work and the challenges facing the healthcare system. Compared to many people who rise out of the medical system and become its creatures, he clearly had an opinion about the problem and how to sort it out, rather than “of” the system. Not being part of the club and being outspoken, which are hallmarks of the ‘s career, can get you into trouble.

Rob Campbell in 2021.

Lawrence Smith/Staff

Rob Campbell in 2021.

And it was fair enough that he had an opinion on Three Waters. However, his comments were made in ways and matters that are highly unjudgmental to someone chairing a royal institution.

He defended his actions and said that the comments were made as a private person and were intended to be politically neutral rather than politically neutralized. Active and has served as chair on many occasions. He must have known on some level that it wouldn’t fly.

Feeling uneasy about the direction of the government and his own future, he may have decided to become a martyr. Or he just suffered the pain that, common to many baby boomers and non-digital natives, anything he said on the internet could be judged private in his own words. Can not.

Posting a message on a public message board is, well, public. Today, it’s little different from appearing on the TV news and claiming that you are expressing your opinion as a private person.

For workers, this is good. We can’t afford to give the impression that the government’s wider bodies are piled up with anti-National Worker (or at least left-wing) cronies. Verrall’s move to quickly remove him also showed the new minister’s decisive momentum.

Campbell also serves as chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency. Environment Minister David Parker has not yet commented on the future of his job, but he is not sure how he can keep it going.

Health Minister Aisha Veral.

David Unwin/Staff

Health Minister Aisha Veral.

“I have no reason to think this will affect my role at the EPA,” Campbell said.

But consider the following statement regarding the RNZ checkpoint on Tuesday night.

“In my view, there is a desire on the part of the government to withdraw co-government and cooperation with the Maori, and that was the concern I raised in relation to the Kuomintang statement.”

Campbell said he was committed to the treaty partnership and would not apologize for it. said.

After that, I don’t know how he will stay with the EPA under the current government.

There are tough leaders within the Labor Party who have been concerned about co-ruling for over a year. It’s not that it happens, but in what context, how often, and how much political importance it is given.

From a strictly political point of view, Labor has established itself as a martyr who has kicked out seemingly partisan civil servants and stood up for co-government, and Campbell is right.

Workers can now also request a new reset of health to boot. Not a bad outcome for the government from a very thoughtless LinkedIn post.

https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/131364235/labour-happy-to-show-rob-campbell-the-door-as-he-lashes-out-at-crabwalk-away-from-cogovernance.html Workers gladly show the door when Rob Campbell lashes out at clubwalk away from ‘co-rule’

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