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New Zealand

Woman stunned after being charged £2,200 to check in her suitcase

Passengers were stunned when they were charged £2,200 to check their suitcases on the flight.

Jannine Meyers has added checked baggage for her Jetstar flight from Auckland to Christchurch. This should have cost her NZ$45 (£22).


Jetstar overcharged Janine for checking in luggage on flightCredits: Getty – Contributor

However, it was mistakenly treated as NZ$4,500 (£2,200) and Jannine was shocked to learn of the error. Airlines staff member.

After several unsuccessful attempts by airline staff to return the money, Janine was told that she would eventually get the money back “within 10-15 days”, but was unable to track down any receipts or errors. No usable proof of error was given.

She had a feeling that things might not go well, but it turned out to be right.

she said staff.co.nz: “By this time, my father and I had to go to the boarding gate. All we could do was trust that they had successfully processed the refund. But my gut instinct was Told me it wasn’t.

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Janine spent the next month chasing refund And even at some stage I was told that the case was closed and the money was no longer paid.

However, she persisted and after several calls a refund was finally issued.

she said: The $4,455 discrepancy is no small error.

“If I had not kept calling and had not endured, my refund didn’t come to me “

A Jetstar spokesperson apologized to Janine for not processing the refund expeditiously.

They said: ‘Our finance team has processed redemption Yesterday, as a token of our goodwill, we offered her a travel voucher. “

However, Janine said she was not very enthusiastic about the voucher and would like to avoid traveling with airlines in the future.

A spokesperson told Sun Online Travel:

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The woman was charged 100 times more than the charge for checking her luggage.


The woman was charged 100 times more than the charge for checking her luggage.Credit: Getty

https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/20086079/woman-stunned-check-in-baggage-charged/ Woman stunned after being charged £2,200 to check in her suitcase

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