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Why Choose Behr Cooling Systems for Your Truck?

Heavy commercial vehicles in New Zealand must withstand harsh conditions to deliver their cargo. The use of high-quality cooling systems is essential to prevent trucks from overheating, which is a major cause of roadside failures and unplanned downtime in New Zealand.

Truck engines generate significant heat, so the use of cooling systems is essential. Behr develops some of the most efficient cooling systems for commercial vehicles. They can withstand high thermal ranges while maintaining your engine’s optimal operating temperature.

Read on if you want to know more about Behr’s cooling systems for commercial vehicles and why you should use its components.

A brief history of Behr

Behr is one of seven technology brands that make up the MAHLE Group. The other brands in the group include MAHLE Original, Metal Leve, Knecht, Clevite, Izumi and BRAIN BEE. Behr specialises in air conditioning and engine cooling systems. It is estimated that every fourth car in Europe uses Behr cooling equipment.

The Behr Company started in 1907 when Julius Fr. Behr took ownership of a radiator firm in Stuttgart. In 1924, they developed the first heavy-duty cooling aggregate for diesel locomotives. The company took on the name Behr GmbH & co. KG in 1990, and after a series of mergers and joint ventures, they joined the MAHLE family in 2005 in a 50-50 share arrangement. MAHLE recently took over 100% ownership of Behr in 2018.

Benefits of using Behr cooling systems

MAHLE’s acquisition of Behr increased the aftermarket capacity of both brands, enabling them to serve more diverse markets with less effort. Below are three reasons why you should consider using Behr cooling systems in your truck.

1.      High performance and lifespan

Your selection of aftermarket parts for European trucks relies on the performance and reliability of the components. Behr cooling systems are robust and among the most efficient in the market. Their system development teams invest in the latest technology and equipment to enhance your truck’s performance. Below is a list of engine cooling systems that Behr develops:

  • Charge air coolers
  • Low-temperature radiators
  • Oil cooling systems
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems
  • Thermostats
  • Visco® fan drives

2.      Diverse distribution network

The synergy of MAHLE and Behr ensures a vast distribution network of aftermarket parts for European trucks. Today, the MAHLE group has 160 production locations and 12 Research & Development (R&D) centres across five continents. The company also has five business units, four profit centres and over 72,000 employees.

Behr’s distribution network simplifies the delivery of aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO and MAN in New Zealand. The ease of aftermarket part distribution also minimises the downtime of broken-down vehicles.

3.      A long history of excellence

Behr is a longstanding cooling company that has been in existence for more than a century. Over the years, they have developed several industry firsts. The company’s dedication to improving engine performance and driver comfort is the force behind its innovative culture.

With an eye on the future, Behr continues to set standards for the commercial vehicle engine cooling industry. In 2020, MAHLE invested EUR 644 million in R&D across the group. Behr is currently developing electric cooling systems in line with the global shift towards e-mobility.

To sum up, Behr is a dynamic company that has shaped the engine cooling and air conditioning industry for decades. The company’s innovative culture has kept it ahead of the competition. As a leading supplier of quality, affordable aftermarket parts for European trucks, Behr is the ideal partner for engine cooling solutions in New Zealand.

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