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New Zealand

West Coast and Canterbury Mayoral Elections

The incumbent mayors of Selwyn and Waimakariri were reelected by overwhelming majority.

Sam Broughton received 75.1% of the vote to serve a third term in the Selwyn District, while Dan Gordon received 87.7% of the vote to serve a second term in Waimakariri.

Three City Councils on the West Coast and Canterbury welcome the new mayor. Phil Mauger of ChristchurchHelen Rush of Westland, and Mackenzie’s Anne Munro.

Ten other city councils in the area elected their current mayors to alternate terms.

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Waimakariri Mayor Dan Gordon retained his position with 87.7% of the vote.


Waimakariri Mayor Dan Gordon retained his position with 87.7% of the vote.

The results so far are only progress results. This means that votes and special votes cast on the final day have not yet been counted.

Below is a quick rundown of how the mayoral elections were held in each city council in Canterbury and the West Coast.


with 1104 votes ongoing resultsFormer Westland Deputy Mayor Helen Rush replaces Bruce Smith in the top post.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” Rush said in a Facebook post. She said she really appreciates the support of the district residents.

Smith was always going to stand up.


Phil Mauger talks about winning the mayoral election from his home in Avonhead, Christchurch.

He intended to run for a seat in the local council, but next near-death ordealhe decided to focus on returning to full health.


After receiving 2,089 votes, Jamie Crane will continue as mayor of Buller. progress results.

His closest competitor, former mayor Pat O’Dea, received 1205 votes.


Tania Gibson won another term as mayor of the Gray District.

With 4167 votes, Gibson is well ahead of the only challenger for mayor. Richard Osmastononly got 352 votes, according to progress results.

Gray District Mayor Tania Gibson has been re-elected.

Joanne Naish/staff

Gray District Mayor Tania Gibson has been re-elected.

Osmaston also ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Westland, Buller, Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman.


Craig Muckle was re-elected as mayor, receiving more than double the votes of his closest rival.

Muckle received 1,153 votes, according to. progress votewhile Kevin Hayes scored 438 and Ted Howard scored just 68.


The mayor is Furunui finished in August, Because no one raised their hand to challenge the current mayor, Marie Black.

She was elected without a vote.


Dan Gordon comprehensively defeated Miles Stapilton-Smith to win his second term as Mayor of Waimakariri.

Dan Gordon (right) had only one challenger for mayor of Waimakariri.

Rohier Faramarji

Dan Gordon (right) had only one challenger for mayor of Waimakariri.

Progress record show Gordon has 16,338 votes and Stapilton-Smith has 2284 votes.

In a Facebook post, Gordon said he is truly honored that residents have placed their trust in him and continue to serve.

“I feel we have achieved some great results in the past period and now it is time to focus on what the next three years will bring,” he said.


Christchurch’s mayoral election collapsed with less than 4,000 votes. Former council member Phil Mauger beats former health board boss David Meets.

Mauger received 50,086 votes, while Meets received 46,315 votes, according to . progress.

mauger takes over Lianne Dalziel made a decision last year not in fourth term

The election heralded a new-looking parliament with seven new MPs elected, marking a shift from the left.

Phil Mauger is the new mayor of Christchurch.

Phil Mauger is the new mayor of Christchurch.


Sam Broughton retained Mayor Selwyn with 13,584 votes, well ahead of his closest competitor.

Calvin Payne was second with 2,817 votes and Bill Woods was third with 1,688 votes. progress.

In a Facebook post, Broughton said he was proud to be mayor of a great district.

He thanked the residents, everyone who contributed to his re-election campaign, his friends, and his wife and daughter.

“They have sacrificed so much to allow me to become mayor. Without their encouragement, support and love, this would not have been possible,” he said.


Neil Brown was re-elected mayor of Ashburton in a landslide

Neil Brown will continue to serve as mayor of Ashburton.

Jonathan Leaske/LDR

Neil Brown will continue to serve as mayor of Ashburton.

Brown received 9269 votes, far ahead of rival Jeffrey Robert Swindley, who received 1165 votes. progress results.

Meanwhile, on the Western Ward, Dame Lynda Topp of the Topp Twins appears to have missed out on a seat on the council.

She received 743 votes, while the two winners, Liz McMillan and Roger Letham, received 1765 and 1339 votes respectively.


Preliminary results indicate incumbent Nigel Bowen Elected Mayor of Timaru District He surpassed rival Stu Piddington with a majority of 6000 votes.

Bowen, who received 10,803 votes, said he was “really happy” to receive the call announcing his victory.

“I’m really excited to continue doing good work for the community and we have a good council.


in the Mackenzie area Anne Munro is elected as the new mayor.

Anne Munro is the new mayor of the Mackenzie District.


Anne Munro is the new mayor of the Mackenzie District.

Preliminary results showed former Opha District Councilman Munroe winning the top job with 1,333 votes, well ahead of fellow Robin McCarthy with 281 votes.

Mr. Munroe will succeed Graham Smith, who served two terms as mayor of the Mackenzie District and five terms as a local government politician. Mr. Graham Smith did not seek re-election this time.


Waimate is Craig Rowley Re-elected Mayor for Fourth Term.

Rowley received 1522 votes, beating Rick Stevens by 1127 votes. However, Stevens won the Waimate district council seat with his 858 votes.

Lowry said he was “extremely happy” to be reelected mayor again and thanked everyone who supported him in the campaign.


After winning the overall title, Gary Kilcher will continue as mayor of Waitaki.

Kircher received 5085 votes while his only rival, Paul John Mutch, received 2163 votes.

In a Facebook post, Kircher said he was “happy and humbled” to be selected to continue his work to “make Waitaki a better place”.

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