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New Zealand

Weather Tracker: Europe heats up as floods and tornadoes hit New Zealand | Environment

Upper North Island during Christmas new zealand We experienced stormy conditions, canceled flights and flooded roads. A thunderstorm occurred on December 22nd, causing heavy rain and in just two hours he was struck by 4,500 lightning strikes. Unfortunately, one of these lightning strikes set fire to a property in the town of Waitotara in the southern part of the island. No injuries were reported, but property and surrounding farmland were mostly destroyed. Also, a small tornado was seen in the Southland region of the South Island, but fortunately there was no damage.

After a long period of sunny skies at Christmas, thunderstorms returned on Boxing Day. Between 2pm and 7pm local time, one rain gauge in the Auckland suburb of Otahuhu recorded 50mm in just over an hour, while about 25-40mm fell over the upper North Island. As a result, part of the highway close to Mount Wellington was closed, causing several flights to land. The excess rainfall comes after months of above-average rainfall for the region, exacerbating the risk of ground flooding and landslides.

In contrast to New Zealand it was Christmas day. Mexico The city was hit by dangerous weather. Air quality is usually poor on December 25 due to fireworks and festivities the night before. However, residents were also hit by thunderstorms this year. Heavy rains and localized flooding hit the city, with reports of thunder and hail. Authorities urged residents to take extra precautions as power lines could be damaged and driving conditions could become more difficult. We saw snow and had a white Christmas.

Meanwhile, much of Europe experienced surprisingly pleasant weather over the Christmas period, with above-average temperatures. Parts of Spain and southern France reached temperatures approaching 20 degrees, which is very unusual for winter. These warm conditions are expected to continue into the new year, as temperatures across the continent hit the mid-to-high teens. The UK is an exception.

https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/dec/30/weather-tracker-floods-and-a-tornado-hit-new-zealand-as-europe-heats-up Weather Tracker: Europe heats up as floods and tornadoes hit New Zealand | Environment

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