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Founders: Peter Fowler & Andrew McMillan

work: box pop

Established: January 2020

Headquarters: Hawke’s Bay

Could you tell us a little bit about your business?

VoxPop is a media technology company that enhances audience/participant engagement with its audio-based platform.

Its benefits include a unique voice-to-text engagement interface, a personalized radio experience, and the creation of playlists from the content you create.

VoxPop implements innovative technology on top US syndicated NPR radio shows such as WAMU’s 1A, On Point and Science Friday. Built an agriculture-based digital radio platform for coalition farmers in New Zealand.

1A founder Rupert Allman praised the app’s ease of use and deepening engagement.

“Whether they are listening to the show live, on demand, or on their device, people can leave studio-quality messages with just one tap. and its development team could not be happier.

VoxPop’s latest feature is a browser-based voice-to-text recording system that allows viewers to record voice messages directly on the client’s website.

The company also supported the Google News Initiative’s GNI Innovation Challenge to create a low-cost model for converting small newspapers from newspaper to digital, bringing local news to the ears as well as the eyes.

The team is led by co-founders Peter Fowler and co-founders Andrew McMillan. We work with our clients to push boundaries and find solutions to strengthen their relationship with their audience.

What’s the story behind your business idea?

A few years ago, VoxPop caught the attention of NPR’s Mobile Director Demian Perry. He provided a speech-to-text audience engagement platform that delivers studio-quality audio from your audience. He linked his VoxPop with Gabe Bullard on his radio show 1A at his WAMU new startup in Washington DC.

1A continued the call-in format, but with great frustration with the old way of doing things with phone numbers. Perry, Bullard and Rupert Allman, founder of 1A, said VoxPop’s platform makes it easier for viewers to interact with voice, saves staff time with voice-to-text transcripts, and helps show I have witnessed an improvement in the sound quality of the .

VoxPop created a prototype 1A VoxPop app for iOS and Android. The rest is history.

What programs, learning, and mentoring have helped you so far?

  • Advice and support from Hawke’s Bay Business Hub and Soda in Hamilton.
  • Peter Fowler had a successful business before. newsroom.co.nzwas sold to NZX in 2007, and we are developing our business mainly based on this experience.

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