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Vatican hosts Ukrainian thermal shirt movement

Vatican hosts Ukrainian thermal shirt movement

The Vatican’s Department of Charitable Services is holding a thermal shirt drive to help the people of Ukraine facing an energy emergency during the war.

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Pope’s Armoner, said the charity is “already stockpiling” thermal shirts for men, women and children.

He encourages others to join the Thermal Shirts Initiative by bringing or shipping them to Decastery by the beginning of January.

“Ukrainian people are experiencing an emergency related not only to war, but also to shortages of electricity and gas, and extremely cold winter weather,” Krajevsky said.

“This Christmas, you can help them by gifting them with thermal shirts for men, women, or children that are good at keeping their body temperature in check,” he added.

Thermal shirts help retain heat and maintain body temperature in cold weather. They are usually worn as a base layer under other clothing.

Coordinated Russian airstrikes have damaged Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, and the Ukrainian government has warned that the network will not be able to withstand the increased winter demand.

With January approaching, the coldest month of the year, Ukrainians face the cold without electricity, heating or running water.

Temperatures in Kyiv are already below freezing and the forecast is for a mix of rain and snow.

Cardinal Krajewski has made several trips to Ukraine in trucks since Russia invaded in February to deliver food and supplies to those in need.


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