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Vatican Encourages Debate on LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Women’s Role in Church

The Vatican has released a 50-page working document urging Roman Catholic bishops to join the debate on LGBTQ+ inclusion and the role of women in the Church.

Called the Instrumentum Laboris (Latin for “Working Document”), this document is based on the input gathered from a two-year worldwide conference in which Catholics were invited to share their vision of the future of the Church. ing.

This comprehensive document covers a wide range of topics, including empowering women to make decisions and considering the possibility of allowing women to be ordained.

It also mentions the possibility of allowing married men to become priests in remote areas.

With 33 pages of thought-provoking questions, the Vatican seeks to foster meaningful debate on important issues.

One question is how can the Church create a safe space for those who feel marginalized or unwelcome to be welcomed, asked freely, and not criticized? Is it possible?

The Vatican document also delves into issues related to LGBTQ+ individuals and those who may feel excluded from the church because of their status or sexuality.

It also raises the question of what concrete steps can be taken to promote a more inclusive environment for remarriage divorcees, polygamous marriages and LGBTQ+ people.

“Who am I to judge?”

This progressive approach is evidenced by the use of the term “LGBTQ+ person” within the document, which signifies a departure from the traditional term “person with homosexual tendencies.” I’m here.

The change in language echoes Pope Francis’ remark ten years ago, “Who should I judge?”

The meeting attended by bishops and laity scheduled for October will build on the foundation laid by Instrumentum Laboris.

It serves as a platform for thinking and discussing the future of the church.

Notably, Pope Francis’ decision in April to allow women delegates to vote in parliament represents an important reform.

Additionally, the Vatican is considering including a woman as head of the central executive branch of the Vatican through a new constitution.

The document also emphasizes the need to innovate and reform Church procedures, institutional arrangements and structures, including those in governance and decision-making processes, to enable greater recognition and participation of women.

In this context, the role of women as butlers becomes an important consideration.

At the end of the Synod, Pope Francis will write the Apostolic Exhortation, an official document clarifying his views and recommendations.

A series of questions posed at the Instrumentum Laboris will guide discussion during the assembly, where representatives of both clergy and laity will participate in roundtable conversations.

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https://cathnews.co.nz/2023/06/22/vatican-encourages-discussions-on-lgbtq-inclusion-and-womens-role-in-the-church/ Vatican Encourages Debate on LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Women’s Role in Church

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