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Ukraine, Russia deny involvement in Vatican peace plan

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin confirmed Thursday that there is a Vatican peace plan to end Russia’s war in Ukraine.

He expressed surprise that officials from both countries claimed they were unaware of the Vatican’s plans.

“As far as I know, they know, but I know with the bureaucracy, communications that are supposed to arrive may not arrive,” Parolin said.

“These are just my interpretations, but I know both parties have been informed.”

Ukraine and Russia deny knowledge of Pope Francis’ claims that the Vatican is involved. secret peace plan to end the conflict between the two countries.

Their denials followed Francis on Monday, who revealed that a secret peace “mission” was underway in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

He also said the Vatican was ready to help facilitate the return of Ukrainian children taken to Russia during the war.

“I’m ready for anything,” Francis said at an on-board press conference on the way home from Hungary.

Asked by reporters on May 2 whether the Russian government was aware of the Vatican-led plan mentioned by Pope Francis to advance the peace process in Ukraine, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said: No, nothing is known.”

The Ukrainian government has also denied any involvement in peace talks with the Vatican, according to CNN.

“President Zelensky has not agreed to such talks on behalf of Ukraine,” a source close to the Ukrainian president said. or has been done without our permission.”

Francis did not give details when asked if he had spoken about the peace initiative during his meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest this weekend or if he had spoken with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church in Hungary. .

Francis asked to help return Ukrainian children

Last week, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmichal met with Francisco at the Vatican and asked him to help return Ukrainian children taken away after the Russian invasion.

“I asked His Holiness to help us repatriate Ukrainians, Ukrainian children who were detained, arrested and deported to Russia,” Shmichal said after the audience. told the Press Association.

Francis recalled that the Holy See facilitated the exchange of some prisoners through the embassy and was ready to accept Ukrainian requests to reunite Ukrainian children with their families.

The prisoner exchange “has worked. I think this one will also work. It’s important,” he said of the family reunion. added. “We must do everything humanly possible.”

The deportation of Ukrainian children has been a concern since Russia invaded Ukraine last year. Francis said the Vatican had already brokered several prisoner exchanges.

“All human gestures are useful. Cruel gestures are not useful,” Francis said.


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