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New Zealand

Twitter releases new feature to edit tweets

twitter announced that it is rolling out an “Edit Tweet” feature for users. Canada, Australia When new zealand After testing the new tool turned out to be “good”.

Last week, the microblogging platform demonstrated what the feature would look like by posting the first edited tweet, followed by a pencil icon below that stamped the “last edited” date and time.

Users can also view the version history of all edited tweets, so they know what has changed.

Twitter’s support documentation states that it takes up to 30 minutes for a user to change a Tweet, and that a maximum of 5 edits can be made.

The company’s most-requested feature, this new tool is now rolling out to Twitter Blue members in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

They’re subscribers to the company’s $4.99 premium platform, which gives them access to the latest features, including features like folder bookmarking, tweet undoing, and more.

The feature will roll out in the US “soon”, according to the social media giant.

This new tool allows users to add, remove, or modify text, sort and tag media, and tweet within 30 minutes.

“Anyone on Twitter can see the edited label for the updated tweet, and anyone can click on the edited tweet to see the previously published version,” the company said. says.

According to the social media company, the label was essential because the post history helps “protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly accessible record of what was said.”

“While we were testing and debugging the Tweet editing experience, only Twitter Blue subscribers in certain countries could edit their tweets, but they were visible to everyone on Twitter. Edit Tweet availability is restricted. So using this feature, we can tell you which country you are in and if you have Twitter Blue,” Twitter wrote in a supporting document.

The company explained that some types of tweets, such as replies, threads, retweets and pinned tweets, cannot be edited.

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