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Truths and Misconceptions about Playing at Online Casinos

Traditional forms of gambling that have existed for centuries are slowly giving way to modern-day internet gambling practices.

In a world that’s going digital, there are valid arguments to justify the benefits of online casinos. Web-based casinos are presented as equal, if not better than their brick-and-mortar counterparts when it comes to casino gambling. But are online casinos indeed superior? Do the benefits of playing online truly outweigh those of playing in person?

We’ll provide our own take on whether commonly stated benefits of playing online actually hold true.

Online Casinos are More Convenient – True

There are several obvious reasons why online casinos are more convenient, and portability is likely the main one. Online casinos have rode the wave of the smartphone era. In other words, you have instant access to thousands of games anywhere you are, considering you can play on mobile as all online casinos are mobile compatible. This freedom online casino members have to play anywhere is the principal selling point of all online casinos.

Casino Sites Have Higher Payouts– True

Even the best-paying land-based casinos have a theoretical RTP (return-to-player percentage) of around 90%, tops. Meanwhile, the RTP of even the average online casino can range between 93% and 98%.Much of this is down to overheads. Think about how many staff it takes to run one of the big Las Vegas casinos, and then compare that to a casino site. Of course, online casinos will require software developers and customer service teams, but there is no comparison.

Online Casinos Have More Games – False (Sort Of)

Online casinos provide a lot of gaming content. But even the best online casinos can comprise roughly between 200 and 3,000 games. This includes modern slots like Book of Oz Lock & Spin , table games, live casino games, lotteries, game shows, and bingo. But land casinos, particularly luxury casino resorts, sometimes number between 4,000 and 5,000 games, including a wide variety of slot machines. But the important thing to point out is that there is a much more diverse choice of games at an online casino.

You Can Claim Exclusive Bonuses – True

Since with online casinos you are able to play more actively, you can quickly earn various loyalty points and in-house rewards for your activity. But while online casino bonuses are much more easily accessible, it’s also true they are subject to oftentimes-complicated terms.

With Online Casinos, You Can Save More Money – False

If anything, being able to play on a whim at any time of day increases the risk of overspending. That is one of the reasons why all regulated casino sites are obligated to have a policy on Responsible Gaming.

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Internet Casinos Are Better for Beginners – True

Despite the apparent risk of overspending, interactive gaming sites are more player-friendly. Every legally allowed individual can sign up and play top-rated games with the smallest of investments. Additionally, many slots, and sometimes even live casino lobbies, can be enjoyed just for fun in demo mode.


It is an endless debate about whether online casino games are worthy successors to classic table games and if actual slot machines are inferior to online slots. It is similar to the broader gaming industry, with people comparing gaming to physical activity.

A case can be made that online casinos are, in many regards, more convenient, and they certainly have a wider choice of games. However, whether it’s a land-based casino or online platform, you should always remember to play responsibly – don’t forget the house always wins eventually.


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