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New Zealand

Tim Rafay set his sights on becoming a Salford star through childhood memories

World Cup history Tim Lafay helped Samoa reach the final for the first time.

But the memories of living in a house without walls and living in New Zealand without speaking English after a cyclone and floods devastated his native Samoa have made the Salford star firmly grounded. Make sure your feet are on.


Tim Lafay says how childhood memories keep him determined to be the bestCredit: SWPIX.COM

That’s why he’s back in the gym just two weeks after playing Australia at Old Trafford.

Rafay grew up on the island of Savai’i, indoors with wooden stilts and under a tin roof.

After 12,000 miles away, the Red Devils recruit him to work on a construction site in Sydney, and the memories of living there bring out the best in him.

That’s why Salford didn’t have a long break after their World Cup run after reaching the Super League semi-finals.

Lafai said: I will always remember that moment when I was a child. You taught me the value of simple things.

“And do the simple things the best you can. It brings more out of yourself.”

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“After the World Cup, my body needed a break, so I took two weeks off.

Rafay, who had one win over club-mates Callum Watkins and Andy Ackers as Samoa beat England 27-26 in the semi-finals, will qualify for 2023 with a win at Lee before tonight’s first home game against Hull KR. started.

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The 31-year-old was one of the first players signed by the Red Devils to a long-term deal. His decision to sign for three years just shows how calm he and his family are.

Do not rule out the possibility that he will play after that. There is also no denying the possibility of Samoa at the 2025 World Cup in France.

He added: I had to consider what my wife and kids wanted. It’s not about me anymore.

Rafai helped Samoa reach the World Cup final


Rafai helped Samoa reach the World Cup finalCredit: SWPIX.COM

“But they love the school they go to and we love the area. This is our second home. It made my decision easy.”

“I don’t know where I’ll be in three years, so I’m not going to completely rule playing beyond this contract. Age is just a number.

“And the club is heading in the right direction. They are doing the right things off the field but we will always remain the underdogs. Even knowing what we did last year. , no one gives us a chance.”

Rafay may be a star, but he’ll be up against the matter four miles away after Sky decided to move this match to the same night as Manchester United take on Barcelona.

Rafay will face Hull KR in Salford's first home game.


Rafay will face Hull KR in Salford’s first home game.Credit: SWPIX.COM

Boss Paul Lawrie may argue that his staff and players haven’t beaten themselves up, but Sunsports said the off-field boss was moved to the home opener of the season and that the fans weren’t. I understand that it comes at a cost to stay afloat.

Season ticket sales at the Red Devils are growing, but the club wants to attract less frequenteders.

I have the 'biggest lips in the world' and now I'm going to set a new world record
I don't use rules. There is a family cross instead. Made from old pajamas.

And a big Europa League fixture in United’s territory could have an impact on the gate.

But Lowry said, “It’s not ideal, it’s rugby’s rugby, it’s football’s football.

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