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This Week’s Details: Floods, Eggs, and Carmel Ceproni

Podcast: Details

every weekday, detail I mean big news stories.

This week, we speak to aid workers who have visited conflict zones in Ukraine, find out why Carmel Ceproni was elected as the new Deputy Prime Minister, and visit the flood-ravaged streets of Titirangi in West Auckland to find out why. I asked We are in the midst of a chronic egg shortage and have discovered what “Sponge City” really is.

Whakarongo mai in an episode you may have missed.

Ukraine’s Aid Operations: How Dangerous Is It?

When New Zealand aid worker Anne Bray knocked on the door of two elderly women living in a bombed-out apartment in Kyiv, she was overcome with bitter cold and darkness.

“It’s absolutely soul-destroying,” she says.

Anne Bree in front of Dina and Olga’s apartment.Photo: Provided/Relief supplies

“I’m just sitting in the dark in the cold. I was cooking and there was a camping gas stove in the kitchen.”

She tells Sharon Brettkelly about her experience in Ukraine late last year. Kiwi aid worker Andrew Bagshaw disappears.

Carmel Ceproni: What does it take to be Deputy Prime Minister?

She’s popular in the Labor caucuses and seen as a safe hand, but Carmel Ceproni Deputy Prime Minister?

Sepuloni is the first Pasifika person to hold the position. For the past five and a half years, she has had a high-profile job as Minister of Social Development.

Tom Kitchen speaks FM today Host Toba O’Brien and former Labor MP Ruamanubao Dame Wynn Laban.

Flooding in Auckland: Titirangi Road teetering on the edge

first person – Residents of Titirangi days without electricity and water: Their road is blocked at one end by a giant fallen kauri, with a house teetering on the edge of the slip above. Other homes on this steep, bush-covered street are also at risk.

Flood damage in Titirangi. Photo: The Detail/Sharon Brettkelly

But there was a bigger problem on the other side of the road.

After passing a fire truck parked next to a no-traffic sign and turning a corner, there was a gaping hole exposing a huge pile of timber that had formed a retaining wall.

Sharon Brettkelly approaches the West Oakland Massacre.

Can Egg Deficiency Be Solved?

A shortage of egg supplies has thrown New Zealand into chaos.

Egg cartons are hard to come by at this time.Photo: Getty Images

Supermarket shelves are empty, the number of cartons you can buy is limited, Interest in buying hens I shot.

Matthew Scott found it to be the end result of several different things: a ten-year transition from a battery cage. The decision of a major supermarket chain to go completely cage-free. Supply chain problems resulting from the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Can sponge cities really prevent floods?

A full-scale cleanup is underway across Auckland after last week devastating floodpeople are starting to talk about throwing out old building rules, “Unengineering” our city – Helps deal with future catastrophic rainstorms.

Auckland City Councilor Julie Fairley at Te Auanga Creek, a special part of Auckland that incorporates the ‘Sponge City’ concept. Photo: The Detail/Sharon Brettkelly

Tim Welch, who teaches urban planning at the University of Auckland and is co-director of the Future Cities Research Hub, says it’s important to find natural streams sealed and paved with tar and replant them with water-absorbing native plants. says.

But it’s also about moving people and their homes out of the most dangerous places.

Sharon Brettkelly visits Te Auaunga Creek in Auckland’s Roskill Mountains to find out what a cave city is.

introduction: detaillong lead of

detail takes you inside the big story of the week. Well, I’m here for the weekend too.

Long Read is one in-depth story you read every Saturday.can be found anywhere detail – RNZ, Newsroom, or anywhere you can get a podcast.

This week, school away from school written by Bill Morris announced in NZ Geographics January/February 2023 issue.

Photo: Lottie Hedley/New Zealand Geographic

The entire article, including Lottie Hedley’s photo, can be found at NZ Geographic website.

100 years after its opening, Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu/the Correspondence School has expanded its reach to provide a safety net for children who are bullied, anxious or who are far outside the mainstream system. Became a place. Many of them also struggle in Tekla, but for others there is something magical about this school that strives to meet them where they are.

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