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The technology behind online casinos

When we access a casino online, we might not ever actually consider the technology behind it. What is making everything work, and causing the games to connect in real time, trigger graphics and function as a working casino game?

Actually, there is a combinationof different technologies at play here. When you visit this NZ online casino, you’ll notice a variety of different slot games and casino games that have been created and served to your phone or laptop using several different tech innovations.

 The importance of online casino technology

Technology is everywhere and it facilitates a better life, whether you want to play some online slots, do your online banking or check up on what’s happened in the latest Super Bowl.

Casino tech solves a few different problems in the industry and that is why so many big online casino companies are continuing to innovate.

Advances in the use of technologyhelp people to feel more engaged. As we’ll discuss below, there are ways in which technology has evolved to create a more authentic casino experience, even if you are playing in your own home.

Casino technology also helps a great deal with security. The companies running these casinos are often responsible for keeping huge amounts of money safe, as well as potentially millions of players’ personal info. Technology has to be top notch, and innovations such asblockchain technology are making this easier.

Technology used by online casinos

Let’s dive into some of the technology actually used by casinos:

  • HTML5 and JavaScript: These are programming languages, and whereas a few years ago iPhones and some other devices didn’t have great compatibility with the languages, HTML5 and JavaScript can now be used to facilitate some excellent slot games that are played on pretty much any device you wish. These developments in coding allow more complex games to be offered and they have unified much of the industry in making the games and apps more accessible on any device.
  • Security and encryption: We’ve already briefly mentioned the requirement for security when handling so many peoples’ data online. Encryption software and technology makes all the difference and has come a long way in recent years.

There are a number of encryption and verification methods. For example, the majority of casinos use some sort of end-to-end encryption to create scrambled data that can’t be easily intercepted. TLS is another type of data encryption used by banks and other high-security organisations, and casinos use this to ensure that their users’ data is safe.

A lot of casinos are also using further measures like two-step verification to confirm your identity. All of these actions help to combat hacking and fraud.

Live feeds

Casinos are constantly on a mission to create a more engaging experience, and many can now do so with live feeds and live dealer games. This means that you can physically interact with another human on the other end of a video feedwhile you are playing. The technology required to keep a stable connectionand allow users to place bets in real-time is no small undertaking, and it is relatively impressive that casinos offer this feature. It is likely to continue to improve, too.

Future technology innovation

Progress is ongoing – online casinos are big business and they generate a lot of revenue. This means that the companies behind them are continually looking for ways in which they can innovate and improve, partially to gain a bigger market share.

Further tech advances we can expect include a move into AR and VR. We’re already seeing some of this, but as the technology becomes more mainstream, it is likely to become more common as part of your gambling experience.

Even more security measures are likely to come into play, even if these are behind the scenes, and it is possible that more casinos will adopt the live-dealer approach to their games.

The choice of games and slots is also likely to continue to improve – there are many companies out there making new games that tend to be licensed to the online casinos for use.


While we may not think about the hours of coding and development it took to create our favourite casino games, it is well worth considering the technology in the industry and what this may mean for the future of gaming. It seems clear that online casinos will continue to grow, and drive the developmentof security technology as well as new and interesting games and slots.


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