How big is the iGaming industry in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s iGaming industry has continued to boom in recent years, with a vast portion of the adult population continuing to enjoy online wagering activities.

Many have been playing the games that have been made available by the sites that are listed among the NZ new online casinos that are possible to use, with each of these offering positive and safe experiences.

Figures show how gambling-friendly New Zealand is as a nation

Findings from the federal government’s Health Promotional Agency in 2018 found that 520,000 adults (13% over the age of 15) had taken part in wagering activities over the course of the 12 months reported. Figures also showed that one in ten that responded had also participated in online wagering.

There have been numerous factors that could help to highlight why the industry is as big as it is in the country.

Choice and Convenience

Accessibility and convenience have always been two major factors that have helped industries to thrive in the past, and it should not come as a shock to see them play an influential role in the growth achieved by the iGaming industry in recent years.

Players are now provided with an abundance of online sites and choices that can help enhance their overall gaming session, thus making the activity more accessible than ever before. Operators can also target players through technology, with more than 90% of residents in New Zealand owning a smartphone, according to figures.

Smartphones and tablets have provided greater accessibility and convenience for players looking to enjoy a session whenever they want, too. Players can simply log on to their favorite iGaming site and play as long as they have an internet connection.

Favourable conditions

The legality of gambling in New Zealand can be considered to be a grey area, as there are laws that need to be followed. The activity is actually illegal to be conducted in the Kiwi nation unless it is authorized by or under the Gambling Act 2003. However, it is possible to wager online, which is why the iGaming industry has been able to grow and boom in the country.

New Zealand’s love for gaming

New Zealand has a huge gaming culture and one that has continued to boom with its citizens. It has been found that the residents of the island nation were among the first to fully embrace gaming compared to much of the world, which has carried into online casino gaming.

With New Zealanders continuing to try and enjoy the best games and obtain the best gaming experiences possible, many have looked at online casino games as an alternative to traditional video games as they know they can enhance their gameplay sessions further.


It is clear that the iGaming industry in New Zealand has become a huge industry and one that continues to thrive under the current circumstances. It would not be a surprise if it were to grow further, especially if there were favorable changes to the laws that are already in place.

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