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The Southland man behind 3D platform MYX takes on Meta – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

The Southland-based game developer is currently rocking the metaverse, with live events being streamed to guests within his 3D platform. mix It offers a virtual experience that is the next best thing to real world events. But as he discovered, it’s a double-edged sword.

Funder Games founder and creative director Paul Cousins ​​prefers to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee, but says running a startup like Funder Games takes two things.

“Being an entrepreneur is the hard way. You have to take care of yourself, believe in yourself, and overcome every failure you encounter, because they all lead to success in the end.”

For Cousins, this success is bittersweet. The main device he builds is the Oculus Quest 2 built by Meta. But success with that device puts the Meta owner in a head-to-head competition with Mark Zuckerberg, he says.

Zuckerberg invested billions in his version of the VR metaverse. In stark contrast, Cousins ​​has invested heavily in creating his VR experiences for adults in his R18s, with highly realistic graphics, grimy nightlife-focused entertainment in his scenes, all over the world. with the ability to meet, chat and hang out with friends from anywhere in the world. full body avatar.

The MYX platform has a full-body avatar that runs in a standalone virtual reality program. No cables, no personal computer or phone required. All you need is an internet connection to install the MYX app and a $500 META virtual reality headset to virtually join thousands of Metaverses around the world.

Paul Cousins.

At its core, MYX is a virtual city to explore, and Cousins ​​holds no punches when it comes to simulating the reality of a wild night in town. Drugs, sex and rock and roll all play a role in this highly detailed simulated open world.

“The core concept is that you have a private luxury apartment where you can enjoy Netflix on a 150” TV from your private virtual penthouse suite or take your virtual Lamborghini for a drive. When you’re ready to go out, you can take the elevator down to the street and socialize with other people,” says Cousins.

Cousins ​​says he didn’t pay a cent for marketing. With everything progressing organically and with over 12,000 players, he knows the demand for this product is high. He wants to be in a position where he can “redesign” some of the ways society works through his platform, but he adds that he “had to bootstrap this.” Until he was able to generate revenue through event sponsorships and ticket sales.”

However, the project is not without its challenges. The headline “The Metaverse Is Dead” is constantly appearing, and Meta is no easy feat for him. Cousins ​​says he works around the clock to combat negative press.

Cousins ​​says the Metaverse is an opportunity to create a new digital universe, seeking to inject what he sees as fundamentally important to society.

“But now I’m playing against one of the most successful companies on the planet, and they have a blank check to make that version. One man with big dreams to build the world, but if he succeeds, he’ll prove that’s enough.”

“Before Covid, the question was ‘Why do you have a digital event when you can attend a real event? now makes sense.”

“Nowadays, there are many companies who want to use gaming platforms for business, communication and socializing. That is MYX. Parallel Digital Lifestyle.”

Cousins ​​said people don’t realize how powerful this next-generation technology will be or how big the movement will be. “VR technology has the potential to be more disruptive than the internet.”

Cousins ​​has several top members. Former CEO of Universal Records, Ron A. Spaulding, now CEO of Funder Games, will soon move from the US to New Zealand to facilitate further development of the project.

“He is very excited because this is the next generation of music promotion. We are,” said Cousins.

In early November, Cousins ​​held a live test event with Oakland band Five Minutes to Mayhem. Streaming to the metaverse, people are watching in real time. “At one point I put on my headset and looked around, and the room was full of virtual people.”

He’s looking to do more events online, and says his next goal is to get 100,000 people to attend a $10 virtual concert.

According to Cousins, it’s easy to see why Metaverse events are so appealing when you consider events like Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival, which holds about 180,000 people. “We are now able to extend that event to a global digital audience that would not normally be able to attend. What could that do for a small New Zealand-based local business? Give them an audience.”

Cousins ​​is pragmatic about the challenges he faces, but stoic in his beliefs about the project.

“This is the future, I see it for sure. It’s not yet clear whether the world will be able to see it, so my job is to show people what’s possible, to see what’s possible in the real world and the virtual world. I think it’s about helping bridge the gap between the worlds.”

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