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New Zealand

The moment when a great white shark “sucked out its organs” washes ashore

This is the chilling moment when a great white shark was found “organs sucked out” on the shoreline.

A rotting corpse was found on the beach new zealand After being attacked by a suspected killer whale.


A body was found by a beachgoer on New Zealand’s Mount MaunganuiCredit: 9news
The severed shark was 'badly rotten' and missing its tail


The severed shark was ‘badly rotten’ and missing its tailCredit: 9news

The mangled beast was first spotted by local surfer Tao Moudley after a session in the waves Wednesday night.

That happened just one day after what was believed to be a deadly pod of killer whales was sighted in a port near Tauranga on the outskirts of Mount Maunganui.

“I was just lying on the beach about 6pm,” Moudley told SunLive after finding the body.

“It surprised me a little.

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“I was hesitant to go back to sea.

“You hear a lot about sharks on Matakana (islands), but not on the main beaches.”

Multiple passersby said the shark had no tail and was “severely rotting.”

Also, University of Waikato researcher and marine ecologist Phil Ross said the missing tail could indicate that the shark was attacked by a killer whale.

“I got off as fast as I could,” Ross said. 9 news.

“I went back and forth on the beach to see it with my own eyes, but it seems I was swept away.

“It was found around the Ocean Beach Road and Marine Parade roundabouts. I would have loved to have seen it.”

Ross said the beast washing up in the ocean was due to an increase in reported shark sightings in coastal areas.

it comes as a scientist South Africa Theories have been put forward that the sharks may have been lured closer to popular shorelines to avoid being hunted by deadly killer whales.

Several corpses are said to have appeared around the world, with evidence that they may have been eaten for the purpose of consuming organs such as the liver.

John Monsoon, who works for Cape Town’s Shark Adventure Company, said killer whales are known to prefer a specific energy-rich oily compound found in shark organs called squalene.

“Consuming shark liver gives killer whales an electric charge, unlike other prey meat,” he wrote online.

“Thus, killer whales may become dependent on this substance and seek out larger amounts than ever before.”

seek and destroy

But it seems that it’s not just sharks that are being targeted, humans are also at risk.

This summer, a shocking video showing a desperate figure leaked Sailors fighting for their lives After an enraged killer whale tried to capsize the boat.

More than 230 killer whale interactions have been reported over the past two years, with giant animals approaching or attacking boats.

Creatures are regularly found in areas such as: Spain When Portugal Because they move to eat the tuna that live around the straits, Gibraltar.

A group of killer whales in August sank Tourist boat off the coast of Portugal.

The 20-foot beast punched a hole in the side of a ship that was sailing very close to Sines, forcing the vacationers to abandon ship.

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At the time, marine expert Victor Hernandez suggested that these could be “retaliatory attacks” by rogue killer whale pods for illegal poaching.

He said the attack was carried out by a pod of nine to 13 killer whales known to hunt in groups.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/19971496/moment-shark-found-organs-sucked-out/ The moment when a great white shark “sucked out its organs” washes ashore

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