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The Front Page: How close did Scott Robertson get to working for the All Blacks?

Crusaders coach Scott Robertson.photography/photosport

As history shows, All Blacks coach Ian Foster has managed to hold onto his position despite the team’s eventful form.

However, according to recent revelations, Crusaders coach Scott ‘Razor’ Robertson was much closer to winning the role than many realize.

New Zealand Herald rugby writer Gregor Paul said: front page podcast The conversations going on behind the scenes point to the fact that it could go either way.

Speaking to a number of sources, Paul discovered that New Zealand Rugby held a meeting with Robertson to find out what his approach to managing the team would be.

“What they did was approach Robertson in principle,” Paul says.

“I have to be clear here. What they said was ‘in principle’ the conversation with him: ‘We are not offering you a job. We are not saying that a job is available. No. But if work is the norm, who is on your coaching team?”

Paul says the intention here was to confirm this plan and compare and contrast it with the plan at the time.

When Robertson voiced his opinion, there were concerns that his staff line-up lacked the international experience and seniority to provide what New Zealand Rugby was looking for.

“There was a view that NZR was very keen to see if Joe Schmidt, who was part of Foster’s coaching team, would be a good fit for Razor’s team..the two could be on the same team.” have a nature

Schmidt was noted for his immense loyalty, and this was confirmed in subsequent events.

“Joe, as I understand it, felt very uncomfortable doing that because his loyalty was to Ian Foster.

Whether he was happy with this or not, Schmidt’s loyalty ultimately played a big part in keeping Foster on the job.

So where will Robertson go after seemingly doing the best he can in the Super Rugby format?

“He needs another challenge,” says Paul.

“It’s clear that there are teams all over the world, especially England, Wales and Scotland, who are suggesting they want a new head coach after the World Cup…I would imagine. Razor has , you will be given a rather attractive offer to go and teach in one of these countries.”

The prospect of Robertson joining England would be particularly daunting for All Blacks fans.

“It would be scary…they have huge potential and a guy like Lazer could go in there and get a blank check to put whoever he wants on his coaching team.” Done.He’s given a blank canvas.The country with the most players in the world.They have huge talent out there.They just don’t know what to do with it.

So is it really possible for a Kiwi to coach both the UK cricket and rugby teams?

Time will tell.

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