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The bodies of two Britons killed in Ukraine have been recovered as part of a prisoner exchange.Ukraine

bodies of two British volunteers killed in Ukraine Ukrainian officials said he recovered while undertaking a humanitarian evacuation.

Chris Parry, 28, and his colleague, Andrew Bagshaw, 47, a dual British-New Zealand citizen, were pulled over while trying to evacuate an elderly woman from the Soledar. artillery hit.

Their bodies were handed over by the Russians on Saturday as part of a prisoner exchange, according to the head of the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Andriy Yermak murmured: “Another big PoW swap. We managed to get back 116 people. They are defenders of Mariupol, partisans of Kherson, snipers around Bahmut and our other heroes.

“We have recovered the bodies of the dead foreign volunteers Christopher Matthew Parry and Andrew Tobias Matthew, as well as Evgen Klik, a Ukrainian member of the French Foreign Legion who volunteered to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I managed to bring it back. Power.”

Two men who had worked as volunteers were helping people escape from the front lines of the war. became.

Shortly after his death was confirmed by the Foreign Office, Parry’s family said:

“He was drawn to Ukraine at the darkest time of the Russian invasion in March, helping the most needy, saving over 400 lives and many abandoned animals. It is impossible to put it into words, but he will be in our hearts forever.”

Parry, Cheltenham’s running coach, reportedly said in an interview with Sky News that he had been driving to front-line towns and villages to evacuate people.

he said: Sometimes when you see something pretty awful, it sticks in your mind. But you have a job. You are in a position to care and as soon as you pick up these people you have to move away from the artillery that is constantly firing all around us. ”

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Bagshawe’s parents, Professor Philip and Dame Susan Bagshawe, who founded the Canterbury Charity Hospital new zealandsaid they were among “many parents grieving the loss of a son or daughter”, adding:

“The world needs to be strong and stand by Ukraine, providing them with the military support they need right now and helping them rebuild their post-war devastated country.”

They often sent stories and photos via WhatsApp until their son, a genetics researcher, traveled from New Zealand to Ukraine last April and moved to a more dangerous part of the country in September. .

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/feb/04/bodies-two-britons-killed-ukraine-prisoner-swap-chris-parry-andrew-bagshaw The bodies of two Britons killed in Ukraine have been recovered as part of a prisoner exchange.Ukraine

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