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Thailand expands investigation into woman suspected of killing 13 with cyanide

This screenshot, taken from video footage distributed by Thailand’s PBS via AFPTV, shows police escorting suspect Salarat Langsiewsaporn (C) from a police station in Bangkok on April 26, 2023. increase.
photograph: Handout/AFP

Thai police have arrested a woman suspected of using cyanide-laced tablets to kill 13 people and said they would expand an investigation into a string of deaths that have hit the country.

Sararat Lansiusaporn, 36, has been charged with the premeditated killing of one victim, but police said the other fatalities are still under investigation. she denied her wrongdoing.

“This is a premeditated murder,” said National Police Chief Damrongsak Kitipraphat on Thursday, referring to the family of the victim, who was accompanied by Sararat, raising suspicions with the authorities. .

Family members of other people connected to the dead Salarat have also come forward, according to local media, suggesting their deaths are also suspicious.

“We have evidence linking her to (cyanide),” Police Colonel Anek Taossupulp said separately, adding that she may have had access to the substance through a store run by her sister.

Broadcaster ThaiPBS said police were aware of Sararat’s death and said her motive may have been financial.

They added that one woman survived Sararat’s poisoning attempt and is currently being questioned.


https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/488906/thailand-widens-investigation-into-woman-suspected-of-killing-13-with-cyanide Thailand expands investigation into woman suspected of killing 13 with cyanide

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