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Tampax was accused of “sexualizing a woman” after a controversial tweet went viral.british news

Tampax faces possible boycott after being accused of “sexualizing women” in a controversial tweet.

In a spin-off of a popular internet meme, the US division of the tampon brand wrote:

This meme has the line “you are in their direct messages”, which means talking romantically to someone online, followed by the phrase “I am…”, usually ending with a self-aggrandizing comparison. increase.

Basically, it means you have something, but I have something better.

First popularized on Twitter in 2019, it began to see a resurgence last year after someone made an example pointing to Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito.

Tampax’s tweets have been shared over 46,000 times and liked by over 360,000 accounts.

User reviews were bad, and Tampax added fuel to the fire when it sent out a second message saying, “You refused to shut down Twitter before sharing this tweet.”

This was in reference to rumors that Twitter might collapse due to Elon Musk’s recent site takeover. donald trump When Kanye West is back on the platform.

‘creepy’, ‘offensive’, ‘really weird’

The #BoycottTampax hashtag trended Wednesday morning, prompting thousands to stop buying the company’s products when they get their period.

Many began pointing out that a 9-year-old could get their period, saying the tweet was “creepy,” while others didn’t directly mention women and included gender. By using pronouns, he accused the company of “alienating” its customer base.

One user wrote: [Tampax] Provider/manufacturer of useful products used in menstrual care for women and girls.

“It’s just an insult to even consider this among us. Please be ashamed and show respect to the women and girls who are your customers.”

“It’s really weird for a company that sells products made for women’s natural bodily functions to make tweets that sexualize women for using their products….your social media manager Please fire me. This is terrible.”

“We do not exist as sexual organs”

One woman said she first used a tampon when she was 9 years old and would have made her experience “worse” had she known that the company that made the tampon would “sexualize” her. increase.

“We don’t exist as male genitalia,” she added.

One user wrote:

While many fired back at the brand, some described the tweet as “hilarious” and urged people to “don’t get mad at it all” and rushed to its defense.

Tampax US, owned by Procter and Gamble, has covered several campaigns calling for normalizing the conversation about menstruation.

Sky News reached out to Procter and Gamble for comment.

https://news.sky.com/story/tampax-accused-of-sexualising-women-after-controversial-tweet-goes-viral-12753630 Tampax was accused of “sexualizing a woman” after a controversial tweet went viral.british news

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