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Storm Ian is predicted to intensify into a hurricane, heading for Florida and Cuba.world news

Tropical Storm Ian has intensified into a hurricane set that will cause severe winds, flash floods and landslides in Florida, Cuba and Jamaica, weather experts warn.

The weather system is about 90 miles (150 km) southwest of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, according to the latest advisories issued Monday by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Authorities in Cuba’s Pinar del Rio province, located about two hours southwest of the capital Havana, are preparing to evacuate people before a storm is expected to hit the western part of the island en route to Florida. .

Hurricane warnings have been issued for Grand Cayman, the largest in the Cayman Islands, along with Pinar del Rio and other Cuban provinces, including Isla de Juventud and Artemisa.

The NHC tweeted on Monday morning: “Life-threatening storm surges and hurricane gale force winds are forecast for parts of western Cuba later today, and Ian is forecast to be in major hurricane strength near western Cuba.” increase.

“Efforts to protect life and property should be ended urgently.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declares state of emergency Amid growing concerns about the hurricane’s impact, residents were urged to monitor the storm’s path and prepare for heavy rain, strong winds and tidal ebb and flow, leading to widespread disruption, including power outages.

Weather models predict the hurricane will move toward the west coast of Florida or the Panhandle region, but forecasters are currently unsure where the hurricane will make landfall.

“We will continue to monitor the trajectory of this storm,” DeSantis said at a news conference on Sunday.

“But it’s really important to highlight the degree of uncertainty that still exists,” he warned.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned that the storm would have “extensive impacts throughout the state.” Photo: Tallahassee Democrat/AP

“Even if we don’t know the exact path of the storm, it will have fairly widespread effects across the state.”

US President Joe Biden A state of emergency was also declared as authorities began coordinating disaster relief and providing assistance to protect life and property.

Biden also postponed a planned trip to Florida on Tuesday because of the storm.

NHC Senior Hurricane Specialist John Kangiarosi urged people to start collecting supplies amid reports of water and generator supplies being flooded.

Residents of Tampa, Fla., queued for two hours to fill their sandbags on Sunday, Sept. 25 Photo: Tampa Bay Times via AP
Residents of Tampa, Florida, stand in line for two hours to fill their sandbags on Sunday.Photo: Tampa Bay Times via AP
Empty shelves drained from a supermarket in Tampa, Fla. Photo: Tampa Bay Times/AP
Empty shelves drained of water in a supermarket in Tampa, Florida. Photo: Tampa Bay Times/AP

“It’s hard to say pay attention, but that’s the right message right now,” he said.

“But for those in Florida, it’s still time to prepare.

“I’m not telling you to put up shutters or anything like that just yet, but there’s still time to get supplies.”

The approaching storm also delayed another plan Tuesday to launch NASA’s Artemis moon mission from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Dr. Reinhard Seeman, associate professor at the National Center for Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Reading, warned of the impact. climate change It can affect tropical cyclones, including Ian.

“Although the total number of tropical cyclones may not change much, or may even decrease, peak wind speeds will increase and the proportion of the worst and potentially most destructive category 4 and 5 cyclones will increase. It is expected that

“Tropical cyclone average precipitation could also increase because warmer air can hold more water, and higher wind speeds increase the rate at which moisture is delivered to rainfall areas. It’s for

“We also expect that the most intense phases of tropical cyclones will tend to occur at higher latitudes than has been seen in the past.”

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Here’s how climate change might be affecting us.

in Canada, Storm Fiona swept homes, power outages in two states After turning from a post-tropical storm to a hurricane on Saturday.

On the other hand, at least in Italy ‘Water bomb’ flash flood compared to tsunami hits central Italy’s Marche region, killing 10 Early this month.

Record heavy rains cause unprecedented flooding in Pakistan Hundreds of people, including children, have been killed, according to disaster officials, affecting 33 million people.

https://news.sky.com/story/storm-ian-strengthens-into-hurricane-as-florida-and-cuba-forecast-to-be-in-path-12705658 Storm Ian is predicted to intensify into a hurricane, heading for Florida and Cuba.world news

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