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New Zealand

Stephen Massey hangs his own shingles

Six months after leaving Avanti, Stephen Massey has a new gig.

Friday, January 13, 2023 at 3:29 PM

After 19 years with Avanti, Massey is now in the distribution game.

He joined Loanmarket as a Mortgage Advisor working in Auckland’s North Shore/North Western area.

Since leaving Avanti Massey, I have completed level 5 paperwork through Strategi’s classroom program and am currently looking for my first client.

He told TMMOnline that some people were surprised by the move and thought he might be in a different company-type role. Instead, I wanted to do something for myself and get closer to my customers again.

A lot of people said, “I thought I was going to get another big role or title, but that wasn’t the case for me.”

“I want to get closer to my customers”

Massey talked to many groups, but settled on Loanmarket, which had great systems and support.

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