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New Zealand

Staff influx fills hole in ANZ fund house

Roy Cross: Senior Equity Analyst at ANZ Investments

ANZ Investments recently nearly filled a large number of staff vacancies with the recent hiring of about 12 people across its fund management and operations staff, including the appointment of former Quay Street Fixed Rates Head Roy Cross.

But Cross has recoded his role as senior equity analyst at ANZ, reporting to newly promoted Max Lesser, head of the Australian equity fund, a bank spokesman said.

Lesser joined ANZ in 2018 as a portfolio manager and last year became the head of the equities division, which was created following the resignations of Craig Brown, head of Australian equities, and Alan Clarke, co-head of diversified portfolio management. Got a job.

As previously reported After ANZ veterans Brown and Clark left the $35 billion bank-owned fund management group earlier this year, several other senior investment and management staff retired.

Following internal changes, Andrew Mortimer was also promoted from a senior analyst role to portfolio manager for the ANZ wholesale equity fund and private bank portfolios.

Meanwhile, François de Canard has joined the Australasian Property Fund, run by long-time ANZ investment manager Craig Tyson, as a senior equity analyst.

Prior to his ANZ role, De Canard was Managing Director of London-based real estate investment firm Roundhill Capital from 2018 to last October. He previously worked in investment banking at Jefferies and his UK arm of JP Morgan.

Another UK importer, David Otello Lambert, has been appointed head of investment analysis and compliance, reporting directly to CIO Paul Huxford.

Otello Lambert, who most recently held the position of Head of Portfolio Management and Risk Reporting at J. Rothschild Capital Management, took on the prestigious UK role this year before taking on a consultancy role at ANZ in March. After about 14 years with the company, he is now in a full-time position. .

The ANZ investment business unit has filled about 12 positions this year, leaving only executive vacancies for outside managers and partnership heads, a spokesman said.

ANZ is New Zealand’s largest non-governmental retail fund manager with approximately $35 billion under management, including nearly $20 billion held through three KiwiSaver schemes.

The ANZ Fund division, reportedly led by Fiona Mackenzie, also outsource the investment management.

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