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South Korea’s Casey Fair becomes youngest player in World Cup history at 16 years and 26 days

Through the opening match of the Women’s World Cup in Korea Columbia The players were relaxing behind the goal on Tuesday. As early as the 78th minute, one player broke out of the pack. Casey Fair hit the field at the age of 16 years and 26 days, making her the youngest women’s or men’s player to play in a World Cup.

“Continuing, I was really, really nervous,” Ms Fair said. American with my father South Korea A mother and raised in the United States. “It was a scary moment, but then I ran around and I think I calmed down a bit,” she said.

The previous record was held by the late Ifiani Chiezine, who played for Nigeria at the 1999 Women’s World Cup, at the age of 16 years and 34 days.

During the 17 minutes he spent on the field in the 2-0 loss to South Korea, Farr was always close to the ball, vying with the Colombian players for possession at every opportunity.

“She deserved the chance to play,” said South Korea head coach Colin Bell. “She was training really well, like everyone else,” she said. “I wanted her to have that experience.”

Farr’s next chance to play is on Sunday when the Tai Chi Ladies take on Morocco in Adelaide. Australia.

Born in South Korea on June 29, 2007, Hui is also the first multi-ethnic player, male or female, to play for the South Korean senior national team.

“I’m really proud and really honored to be the first mixed player in the Korean Federation,” said the pair. “I am really grateful for the opportunity given to me today.”

Farr isn’t the only young star at this year’s Women’s World Cup. There are two other 16-year-old players in the tournament, both born in 2008. Giulia Dragoni started as the number 16 for Italy in Monday’s 1-0 win over Argentina, while Costa Rica’s Sheika Scott came on as a substitute in Friday’s 3-0 loss to Spain.

Four other women’s World Cup players are 17 years old, and 39 of the 32 teams are teenagers.

One is 18-year-old Colombian Linda Caicedo, who scored her first World Cup goal in her tournament debut in the 39th minute on Tuesday and was named the best player. She is the youngest ever scorer in competitions played in Australia and New Zealand.

The crowd was prominently pro-Colombian, but Fair had to deal with that while crafting her own history.

“I think it was really loud during the warm-up,” Fair said. “It was my first time playing and it was a lot of fun, so I want to get used to it.”


Abby Halpin is a student at the University of Georgia Carmical Sports and Media Institute.


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