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Sirus Launches Two New Wheelchair-Accessible Family Cars

Sirus Automotive has launched two new accessible vehicles. Based on the award-winning Dacia Jogger, the experts at Drive From Wheelchair designed the industry’s first rear-seat wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Featuring the lot length, MPV spaciousness and rugged styling of an SUV, the all-new Dacia Jogger combines the best of these categories in a wheelchair accessible family car.

The acclaimed car has won multiple awards, including Auto Express Family Car of the Year. The latest design is currently the UK’s only conversion based on a family car that offers a fun and comfortable ride for the whole family.

seat options

Designed to allow wheelchair users to move comfortably in the back seat, the conversion offers space for up to 6 people as standard (driver, front passenger, 1 wheelchair passenger and 3 rear passengers). increase. One, two or three rear seats can be easily folded to create more space in the rear.

Wheelchair users enter and exit from the rear via a lightweight, counterbalanced, non-skid manual ramp. It has a lower floor and extra headroom pockets are included as standard.

Drive with confidence

Built on a modern platform, the all-new Dacia Jogger includes automatic emergency braking, a blind spot warning system, and a wide range of connectivity options depending on trim level (Essential, Expression, Extreme SE).

find out more about Sirus Dacia rear passengerDemonstrations available from December 2022. Delivery from January 2023. Available through Motability Scheme, prepaid from £4495.

Sirus Introduces Upfront Solution for Wheelchair Passengers with Space for 5 People

of Cyrus Ford Upfront Designed to allow wheelchair users to move forward as a passenger. Chat with your driver, control your music and enjoy excellent forward visibility. The latest conversion gives wheelchair users additional interior space to maneuver their wheelchair into a forward passenger position. The WAV has a lower floor on the passenger side, creating a spacious interior for taller wheelchair users.

side entry

A side-entry design that allows wheelchair users to easily enter and exit from the side via a manual ramp and sliding door. The ramps and interior floors have a non-slip coating to improve wheel he traction in wet weather.

Space for 5 people

Side entry also means you can benefit from the standard three rear seats and an unmodified trunk. The middle row seats include ISOFIX for securing child seats. A spacious luggage compartment provides plenty of space for your luggage and gear.

find out more about Cyrus Ford Upfront.

All Sirus WAVs are available in the Motability Scheme.Learn more about www.sirusautomotive.co.ukTo book your free home demonstration, please call our sales office on 0121 505 7777 or email us. sales@sirusautomotive.co.uk

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