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New Zealand

Shop closures ‘heartbreaking and unacceptable’ on crime wave: Hipkins

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the closure of the West Auckland New Zealand Post Office due to rising crime was “heartbreaking” and the level of retail crime was “unacceptable”.

The owner of Titirangi Lottery and Post Shop said: New Zealand Herald Yesterday, they were due to quit their decades-old business, frustrated by repeated destructive attacks on their stores.

Hipkins said on The AM Show this morning that the news was “utterly heartbreaking and totally unacceptable.”

“I completely agree that the situation we are facing with retail crime today is that of rum raids and heinous robberies. It is totally unacceptable,” Hipkins said.

“There is clearly a lot of work for us to do in this area.”

Speaking to Mike Hosking Breakfast on Newstalk ZB this morning, Hipkins said it was ‘concerning’ that rising retail crime could lead to the closure of small businesses and large jewelery chains like Michael Hill. admitted.

He said many crimes committed by young people were filmed for social media and that this was not just New Zealand’s problem.

“There’s a social media trend that’s hard to counter, and they’re taking videos and posting them on social media sites to gain popularity.

“The police are doing a good job when you look at the raid statistics compared to the number of people arrested and sent to the youth system.

“The New Zealand Police are doing a good job of notifying the justice system of those responsible. But the answer is not easy.

“Sometimes I work late. I can’t identify who the children are from the video.”

Titirangi Lottery and Post Shop owner Avori Bahbe said it was very sad to permanently close his shop after 20 years.

The store was robbed for the seventh time in April, and that was the final blow, Babe said.

“We’ve been thinking about what to do, but we’ve come to the decision that we’re not going to accept any more. I’m sick of all the crime and the justice system.”

Barbe said the police were “very helpful” and New Zealand Post did everything they could to support her business.

However, the decision was made to close due to safety concerns.

“Everyone is happy in the sense that we were in danger.

“If you close the shop without selling, you will lose money.

Barbe said the community was great, but the crime was daunting.

“The justice system is very uncooperative. The police are in the business of finding criminals. [offenders] They know they won’t go to jail.

“I think everyone feels the same way I do. Everyone is under pressure, and it’s not just me. But they just have to carry on.”

Babe said we need to do better and sooner.

“We can’t do anything. Everything is final now.”

A spokesperson for NZ Post said some of its stores have been subject to occasional break-ins, saying, “This is very disappointing for our business partners and for us, but it is not specific to NZ Post. No,’ he said.

“The NZ Postal Service will continue to operate at Titirangi Lottery and Postal Shops until 22nd September.

“In the meantime, we will continue to seek out other potential business partners in the region and keep local communities and boxholders informed as further information becomes available.”

On April 14th, Babe was awakened by a heartbreaking phone call warning of another Ramraid-style robbery at the post office.

she said Herald At that time, the criminal group first stole a car on South Titirangi Road and then targeted the shop minutes later, leaving it in complete chaos.

“They came in as if they were free to do whatever they wanted, even though the alarm was sounded.”

CCTV footage shows it took two heavy blows before the group shattered the windshield, Babe said.

“Once they got inside, one guy broke the inside of the post area and another went to the lotto area and robbed the empty cash register…not leaving a cent there.

“There was a lot of stationery, art supplies and greeting cards left on the floor. They left extensive damage that would have cost thousands of dollars.”

Barbe said the cleanup will likely take at least a week.

“I’ve been here since 3am. It made me feel very uneasy. I don’t feel like coming to this place.

“I have absolutely no mercy on those who have done this.

“They should be severely punished for what they did, not just a pat on the back.”

It was the first time the store had been raided.

“There was a similar burglary six weeks ago when the culprit took an empty cash register.”

https://www.odt.co.nz/star-news/star-national/shop-closure-amid-crime-wave-heartbreaking-unacceptable-hipkins Shop closures ‘heartbreaking and unacceptable’ on crime wave: Hipkins

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