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Ruthless Australia crowned Test world champions and gear up for Ashes

Australia will enter next week Ash After finishing the race, as a test world champion Indian He held back in relentless fashion to secure a 209-run victory at the oval.

With five days left to resume their biggest rivalry with England at Edgbaston on the final morning of the second ICC World Test Championship final, Australia surged to victory by beating India by 234 points.

Scott Vorland eliminates star hitter, delivers key breakthrough Virat Kohli In the 7th over of the day, he dismissed Ravindra Jadeja after two balls and made it a double strike.

Borland was unlikely to play until Josh Hazlewood was sidelined with injury, but the lively 34-year-old seamer has high hopes of facing Ben Stokes’ team in Friday’s first test. Must.

It was all at stake on the fifth day of the Red Ball showpiece, requiring 280 runs and seven wickets to be taken. Normally, in such an equation, Australia would be the dominant favorites, but with Kori as a master chaser, the Indian fans are telling Indian fans that their team will make a record 444 and enter the match. I was confident that I could win.

The night before, he had scored a punchy 44 with his fluent touch, only adding five more to the score as Boland landed on the crucial wicket.

Immediately after breaking the outside with a whisker, he tossed one wide and extracted a sumptuous drive from Kohli, who sprayed a quick chance between the second and third slips. Steve Smith did the rest and did everything in his power to make a nice catch.

Unlike Cameron Green’s equally excellent take on Day 4, there was no debate about the legality of this take or its relevance to the final result. India’s hopes were all but extinguished by Kohli’s 49 eliminations.

Dominating the stands all week, the fans who flooded Sunday in hopes of witnessing the famous victory were stunned.

If anyone doubted it, Borland wasted no time making it very clear. Two balls later, he was happy again, but when Boland spotted a hint of movement near the stumps, Jadeja caught the back of the duck.

It looked like three wickets in four deliveries for Boland when Srikar Bharat saw a thick edge popping out of the toe of his bat, but now the ball kept going up and on the first slip. He narrowly beat the leaping David Warner.

Ajinkhya Lahane did his best to revitalize the fight, scoring several imposing drives, but Australia held all the cards. He departed in the 46th minute, attempting a sweep and hitting clean in front of the stumps.

Mitchell StarkHazlewood could be vulnerable if he returned against England, adding the wicket of Umesh Yadav, but the rest of the tail was swept up in effective style by Nathan Ryan.

He finished 4-for-41, made a Shardur Thakurpond, recovered a return catch from Bharat to Skier, and finished with Mohamed Siraj steering a reverse sweep straight for the point.

Australia’s celebrations began in earnest as they formed a circle in the middle of the pitch, while India were once again runners-up after losing to New Zealand in the inaugural final two years ago. Ruthless Australia crowned Test world champions and gear up for Ashes

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