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New Zealand

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Could you tell us a little bit about your business?

Roof Space is a peer-to-peer marketplace for sending large sporting items. We connect people who need to ship large sporting equipment and those who travel that way with roof rack space, vehicle space or trailer space.

Our community is easy to use, affordable to send large items, people are earning between $50 and $1600 per trip, and there is a personal element between senders and verified drivers. We love Roof Space because of the… Moving a 6-meter long surf ski, a 10-foot stand-up paddle board, or a multisport boat requires special handling and care while traveling. Our certified drivers are surfers, kayakers and cyclists so they know how to handle moving large fragile items and take care of them as if they were your own. , send items you’ve sold to new buyers, or bring items across New Zealand. Athletes attending events around New Zealand enjoy sending their multisport boats and other items in his roof space to avoid long trips to events and flying into the region.

What’s the story behind your business idea?

In August 2021 I needed to move a longboard surfboard from Christchurch to Tauranga. I called a local shipping company and got a quote of $500 which is almost half the value of the board. declined. The sports community is constantly on the move for events, swell chasing, river paddling, biking trails, or work. The sports community, he thought, needed a way to connect in one place. So I created his Facebook group called Roof Space NZ. A week later, some had joined and Peter reached out while he was traveling to see friends. I paid him $100 and he loaded the board into his van and moved it to my address in Papamoa. I was happy to save him $400, and knowing it would be taken care of, Peter filled up with gas. We moved from a Facebook group to a web app.

What programs, learning, and mentoring have helped you so far?

  • We are very grateful to be part of the Phase One community started by Mahesh Muralidhar earlier this year.

at a glance

Founder: Jack Dustin

Business: Roof space

web: www.roofspace.co.nz

Established: August 2021

HQ: Bay of Plenty

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