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New Zealand

Revealed the terrifying final moments of shark attack victims

The horrific final moments of a shark-attack victim suffering from ‘non-viable blood loss’ have been revealed.

19-year-old Kaelah Marlow received one fatal bite when attacked by a 9-foot great white shark. new zealand in January last year.


19-year-old Kaela Marlowe died after being attacked by a great white shark last JanuaryCredit: Facebook
She died after suffering 'non-viable blood loss' ruled by the coroner


She died after suffering ‘non-viable blood loss’ ruled by the coronerCredit: Getty

A coroner on Wednesday ruled that lifeguards could have done nothing to save the 19-year-old’s life.

Michael Robb said the swimmer suffered “massive and non-viable blood loss” from “one massive bite” after the Jan. 7 attack.

Kaela’s final moments were heard during the inquest, and friends recounted her desperate cries for help.

Last year, she was swimming with a group of friends at Waihi Beach in New Zealand’s North Island when tragedy struck.

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Her companions felt that the current was too strong and returned to shore, but Kaela said she would not follow them.

A lifeguard watching over them noticed Kaela drifting out to sea, but she didn’t appear to be in pain or experience any “obvious difficulty”.

They deployed a rescue boat, but she was suddenly attacked as they were heading towards her.

A friend told the coroner’s court that Kaela panicked and started waving her arms to get attention while yelling “shark.”

They said: “Kaela really panicked and was swinging her arms around in the water before being pulled into the boat.”

The teenage girl was conscious when she was pulled out of the water screaming that she had been attacked by a shark.

Lifeguards recalled seeing a large amount of blood in the water, and witnesses said they saw “something in the water” that looked like “seaweed or someone else” around the swimmer. rice field.

Kaela hurried back to the shore, helped witnesses apply pressure to her bloody wounds, and a lifeguard used a tourniquet.

However, the coroner determined that despite their best efforts, there was nothing they could do to save her life.

Kaela died on the beach after suffering “a lot of blood loss in a short time,” according to reports.

In court, the coroner said, “She was making noise but not responding to voices and appeared to be having a minor seizure.

“By the time the lifeguards arrived and pulled her out of the water, Marlowe could have already suffered massive, non-survivable blood loss.

“I conclude that lifeguards adequately fulfilled their responsibilities to watch over Kaela and were already taking proactive actions to check on her when she suffered fatal injuries.”

The coroner made recommendations to help prevent or “reduce the risk” of serious injury or death from a shark attack.

In January, Sun Her grief-stricken relatives marched to the water to “challenge the sharks” after her death.

Eyewitness Tadhg Stopford said the man stepped into the sea after work on the victim was stopped.

“The man woke up and marched 100 meters out to sea,” he said. told the New Zealand Herald.

“I think his invasion of the ocean was a challenge to the shark that killed his loved one. He defiantly went deep into the ocean and stayed there for a few minutes.

“With my children around me, I felt his loss.”

Amanda Gould told local news staff she was swimming waist-deep with her husband and two boys when she saw Kaela separated from her group of friends and dragged into deep water.

“We were in the water at the same time as the girl and her friend,” she said.

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“They were about five meters in front of us, but they were getting further and further away.

“She was separated from all her friends and far beyond where surfers sit.”

Teen was swimming with buddies when tragedy struck


Teen was swimming with buddies when tragedy struckCredit: Facebook
Flowers are placed on the beach after a shark attack in Bowentown near Waihi, New Zealand, Friday 8 January 2021


Flowers are placed on the beach after a shark attack in Bowentown near Waihi, New Zealand, Friday 8 January 2021Credit: A.P.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20442224/shark-attack-final-moments-swimmer-unsurvivable/ Revealed the terrifying final moments of shark attack victims

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