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New Zealand

rescued pigs eat rescued food

Hamish, an avid walker, was in the backcountry on a hike when he came across a piglet whose mother had been killed. Having young children, he instinctively brought the piglets home to live on the farm. The sheep quickly took a liking to their new paddock companion, and Boris eventually came to believe he was just like them.

The only problem with this was that Boris had grown into a giant boar.

Worried about damaging the farm’s sheep and fences, Hamish and his family built Boris a beautiful home fit for a king.

However, Houdini Boris managed to escape and was found frolicking with sheep and grazing in a paddock.

he returned More fencing, tighter limits. A few weeks later, I found Boris wandering with the sheep again.

Boris is now completely locked down with an electric fence, but he’s happy to chat with his buddies loitering outside the pen in the middle of the paddock.

Poor Boris – A boar who thinks he’s a sheep probably doesn’t know the power behind his fangs.

But don’t let his beauty and sense of identity fool you. Boris is a wild animal and should be corralled as such.

But see his deep brown eyes as he devours endless amounts of food. He’s a gentle giant and looks like he’s doing pretty well with his life!

Boris’ adoptive mother, Bronwyn, volunteers at a local food rescue organization and provides him with all the inedible food waste.

Thanks to this, Boris regularly eats his favorite dish. Cream buns, buns, kiwi his fruit, bananas.

“Boris has certain likes and dislikes,” says Bronwyn.

While he is obsessed with cream buns and sweets, he raises his nose and snorts loudly to protest the tofu of the past dates.

Judging by the smell, I can’t say it was his fault.

Boris can no longer run free with the pack, so he befriends a stray cat.

“He loves cats,” says Bronwyn. “She always goes into his enclosure and Boris shares his food with her.”

Boris having dinner with his friend’s stray cat

Sustainability, zero waste and climate change awareness is so high it’s nice to see this wasted I can not eat Food rescued from supermarkets (which would have been sent to landfill), go around and feed rescued pigs.

Who would have thought wild boars were doing their part for climate change?

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