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Religion is a ‘pause’, not a continuation, says bishop

Religion is a ‘pause’, not a continuation, says bishop

The shortest definition of religion is ‘interruption’, says Bishop Georg Betzing (pictured).

Some forms of continuity that people seek in religion are “frankly questionable,” asserts the president of the German Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Betzing made the comments at the bishops’ plenary session on Tuesday’s livestream of Mass.

In his sermon he states: It has always been believed so. What was wrong yesterday cannot be right today.”

“A great image of God’s people writing historical experiences with faith and acknowledging God’s guidance,” he said.

“It is our human nature to seek bridges between yesterday and tomorrow, to draw temporary lines and to discover meaningful connections. This is often only possible in retrospect. ‘ he explained.

“We seek continuity. But, as Johann Baptist Metz said, the shortest definition of religion is, and still is, ‘interruption’. ”

Metz was an influential German priest and theologian who died in 2019.

The plenary session of German bishops is overshadowed by two events. One is the recent tumultuous meeting of the Synodal Way. Another is abuse reports in the Osnabrück parish.

The report contains statements strongly condemning Bishop Franz Josef Bode.

Bode has refused to resign, but a report released last week said he mishandled the abuse case.

Since 2017 he has been Vice-President of the German Bishops’ Conference and Vice-President of the German Synodal Way.

Bode has publicly endorsed the idea of ​​developing female deacons and church ceremonies to bless same-sex couples.

At Sinodal Way’s recent conference, participants voted to change the Church’s teachings on many related topics, including homosexuality and the ordination of women.


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