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New Zealand

Region prepares for heavy rains, thunderstorms

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People across the country have been warned to prepare for widespread heavy rain over the next few days, increasing the risk of flooding and landslides.

National Emergency Management Agency Director John Price said the organization is working with civil defense to ensure necessary resources are available before severe weather arrives.

Watch for heavy rain warnings and severe thunderstorms in Auckland

MetService issued an orange heavy rain warning and severe thunderstorm warning for Auckland, including Great Barrier Island, from noon to midnight Tuesday.

Localized downpours of around 50mm to 70mm are possible in the region, with active fronts likely to bring thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Parul Soud, Auckland’s Emergency Management Officer, said Aucklanders should stay vigilant and have emergency plans in place if evacuation is needed, especially those living in isolated or flood-prone areas. I said I need to.

People should check the Auckland Emergency Management website and social media channels to see if the Civil Defense Center is active, she said.

AEM’s head of engineering resilience, Ross Roberts, said facilities next to, above, or below existing landslide-affected facilities may be at increased risk of further landslides.

Possible tornado in Northland

Northlanders have also been told to prepare for thunderstorms.

MetService is issued Heavy orange rain warning for Coromandel and Northland.

An active front will hit Tuesday, bringing downpours of up to 40mm per hour and a small chance of tornadoes.

Driving conditions are hazardous with the possibility of flooding and poor visibility.

A palette of sandbags available to the people of Hokitika

MetService issued an orange weather warning for Westland with 150 mm of rain expected near the coast and up to 350 mm in range.

The Westland District Council made pallets of sandbags available before heavy rains were expected.

The council said sandbags will be available on four streets in central Hokitika for people in areas likely to be worst affected by the floods.

  • corner of Stafford and Sewell streets
  • Corner of Hamilton Street and Tancred Street
  • Corner of Rue Tancredo and Rue Weld
  • Corner of Weld and Sewell Streets

Residents were also urged to exercise caution on the roads and drive slowly through the flood waters or avoid the affected areas altogether.

The northern and western regions will see more rain in the next few days.

The northern and western regions will see more rain in the next few days.
photograph: met service

300mm of rain forecast for west coast

MetService has issued an orange weather warning for much of the West Coast, with up to 300mm of rain forecast through Tuesday evening.

West Coast emergency staff are on standby around the area in case of worsening weather during the night.

West Coast Emergency Management Claire Brown said residents should be prepared and have a plan in case they need to leave quickly.

The biggest snowfall is expected to start early tomorrow morning and continue until lunchtime, Brown said.

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