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New Zealand

Reduce electricity bills with human power

With electricity prices rising and winter approaching, residents of Central Canterbury are learning how to reduce their energy use and electricity bills.

free warm for winter The project helps consumers who are too costly to turn on heaters or heat their children’s rooms.

Since May 2021, more than 6,600 home energy assessments have been completed nationwide, saving households an average of $697 annually.

The Mid Canterbury project goes even further, connecting householders with community services they’ve never heard of to help with a range of unrelated issues.

It’s about helping people save money on their electricity bills,” says Kate White, Coordinator of the Connecting Mid-Canterbury Charitable Trust.

It is also about connecting people to resources and connecting them to organizations and services. ”

EA Networks Telecommunications Company has asked the trust to partner with the company and Ecovalve to help 200 low-income households warm up for the winter, she said.

Anyone facing energy problems can request an appraisal for their home or rental home.

warm for winter trained six dedicated, community-oriented evaluators who visited people’s homes. Using a special computer program on your tablet, ask questions about your appliances and your daily energy use.

It then provides tips and advice on saving electricity. It’s as easy as taking a minute off your daily shower time.

The assessor will calculate and show the householder how much money they can save by switching electricity providers.

Kate said many people stick with their usual provider, even if switching can save them a lot of money.

The appraiser simply compares prices and the decision is made entirely by the householder. You can also look into Consumer NZ power switch website.

Evaluators will be given free energy-saving items such as low-flow showerheads, window and door sealers, condensation-collecting scoopies, and carefully crafted draft stoppers.

warm for winter We will also provide approximately 10 energy-efficient LED bulbs to each household. Save on bills and bulb costs with a guaranteed 15 or 30 year lifespan.

Volunteer Tamara Grant sews a draft stopper from upcycled fabric during the Warm for Winter workshop in Ashburton.Photo: Kate White

recognize other needs

Kate says raters are ready with useful information if other needs become apparent during the visit.

For example, it may connect residents to a civic consultation office or public library for digital services.

When EA Networks partnered with Ecobulb for a pilot last year, she said, it found that consumers often needed help with saving energy.

I also realized I had other needs, such as an elderly person living alone who hadn’t seen anyone for a week.

All they want is a cup of tea and a chat. ”

Connecting Mid-Canterbury time bank People exchange their skills and services and earn time units instead of money. Some of the TimeBank members and others warm for winter Rater.

Evaluators love to do evaluations and people appreciate them very much. ”

Kate said about 50 evaluations have taken place since the project began in mid-March, mostly in Ashburton and a few in Rakaia and Mayfield.

Anyone in Mid-Canterbury can apply and the effort will run until 200 homes have been evaluated.

Funding source

EA Networks customer experience manager Jessica Harris said $110,000 is set aside to help homes winterize and reduce their electricity bills.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) Community Energy Education Assistance (SEEC) program funded $60,000 of this.

EA Networks donated an additional $50,000 and split it evenly. warm for winter and community energy actionhelps in insulation.

Electrical Ashburton, trading as EA Networks, is a locally owned cooperative networking company based in central Canterbury.

As a community-owned organization, it’s important to us to support our local communities,” says Jessica.

It’s really nice to be able to help local families reduce their utility bills and keep their homes warm for the winter. ”

The government has pledged $4.96 million to 41 projects across the country from mid-2021 onwards under the SEEC, according to information from MBIE.

Mikey Smith, MBIE Community and Home Use Team Leader, says the project is making a big difference for households in need.

How did Kate warm for winter The assessor visited a home with only two functioning light bulbs, so the free 10 was a great value.

There is a sense of fulfillment in being able to provide light bulbs where there were no light bulbs. ”

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