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Princess Anne supports treaty between Church of Scotland and Catholic Church

Princess Anne formally endorsed the historic Treaty of Friendship between the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church of Scotland.

Princess Anne formally signed the Proclamation of St. Margaret at Dunfermline Abbey in Fife. Her Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields, Moderator of the General Assembly, and her Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, co-signed the proclamation.

The Declaration (Agreement) is the culmination of many years of building an ecumenical relationship between two denominations, recognizing each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is named after St. Margaret, an 11th-century Scottish queen who was buried in the abbey and signed on St. Margaret’s Day at a service marking the abbey’s 950th anniversary.

Princess Anne was among 300 guests from local communities, Kirk, ecumenical partners, civil society and heritage organizations.

She was invited as patron of St Margaret’s Chapel Guild at Edinburgh Castle.

“Today is St. Margaret’s Day. We are also celebrating St. Margaret’s important message of unity and friendship here,” the princess said.

“I am honored today to be asked to attend the signing ceremony of the Declaration of Friendship between the Roman Catholic Church of Scotland and the Church of Scotland.

“This formalizes their bond of close friendship.

“Today we are able to celebrate St. Margaret and we are grateful that her legacy has helped bring about this proclamation.

“Once again, I would like to congratulate you on an important anniversary for the Abbey and the city of Dunfermline and emphasize the importance of what you have signed today.”

Greenshields also said, “I am very honored and honored to be one of the signatories to the 950th Anniversary of the Proclamation of St. Margaret and St. Margaret’s Day at Dunfermline Abbey.

“This new treaty of friendship has been in the making for many years and is named after the Queen of Scotland, who was revered for her missionary Christian faith and her kindness and generosity to the poor.

“I would like people throughout Scottish society to see this new relationship … and to those of us who are striving to be more united Christian voices in this land than ever before, to divide us. I want to send a powerful message that there is more to uniting than anything else.”

More work needs to be done on reconciliation, and both sects acknowledge that some divisions remain difficult.

In his sermon, Kushree said:

It chooses to focus on what we have in common…inspiring, ancient, profound and beautiful.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder in front of an incredible world…

“And if St. Margaret and the first men who came here nearly a thousand years ago were here now, I think they would welcome and approve…

“In friendship, to face the next millennium…as sisters, brothers and friends in Jesus Christ.”


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