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Primarily Dance to Perform the Nutcracker at Theatre Royal Nelson

From 17th December until 19th December, Primarily Dance will perform the famous Nutcracker play at Theatre Royal Nelson. After four months, the theatre is finally bringing you the excitement again, so be sure to reserve your spot before the tickets sell out!

The story will take you to the night before Christmas when Clara basked in holiday cheer with her family. There’s nothing like the excitement that builds up when a child is about to open the presents, and the whole household comes alive as people dance and enjoy the festivities. As Uncle Drosselmeyer enters the scene, the guests are delighted to see him, and Clara receives a gifted exquisite wooden doll, the Nutcracker.

This is where things get wild! Not long after, the furious Mouse King appears and challenges the Nutcracker to a dramatic showdown. The Nutcracker reigns victorious and transforms into a Prince as the duel rages on. He takes Clara on a magical journey through the snow-clad trees as they set the course for the Kingdom of Sweets. Therein awaits the Sugar Plum Fairy, who welcomes the duo with a festival, honoring her guests and celebrating their victory that culminates in the dance-filled grand finale.

Way too soon, the dream ultimately comes to an end, and Clara awakens with a smile on her face. The rays of the morning sun kiss her cheeks, and there it is – the Nutcracker doll, safely tucked away in her embrace.

The Nutcracker initially rose to fame in 1816 when E.T.A Hoffman published the iconic book titled The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. The famous Tchaikovsky transformed it into a ballet, and ever since, its popularity has been climbing steadily throughout the years. In recent times, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing 2018’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, as well as several works of popular culture paying tribute to this age-old classic.

One such example is Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Edition from Big Fish Games. It’s worth noting that its legacy can also be seen in the iGaming industry since there is a slot game with the same name that can be found on popular casinos like 888 Casino. Those interested in experiencing its charms for themselves are invited to see the full list of casino bonuses for NZ players here.

Back to the show, you will be pleased to find it’s none other than Primarily Dance that will be putting their skills on display just for you. According to Stuff Ltd, the show will consist of professional dancers and other entertainment from Nelson, and there will be an audience of 100 people approximately. 

The ballet will be pretty much similar to last year; however, there will be a few changes, as stated by the director of Nelson’s Primarily Dance, Lesley Bandy.

On the official site of Theatre Royal Nelson, Bandy stated: “I performed the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy for many years, and now I want youngsters here in Nelson/Tasman to experience the magic of Tchaikovsky’s music and the spectacle of this wonderful ballet. In 2020 we had a sold-out season of The Nutcracker and are excited to bring it back again in 2021.” 

Among the talents for the ballet, you can find Leonora Voigtlander, Tabitha Dombroski, Callum Phipps, and more, but there will be hip hop dancing and exciting acrobats, which will bring you the next level of thrill.

You can purchase a ticket online on the official Theatre Royal Nelson site for your convenience. Should there be any changes due to the pandemic, you will be refunded. Other than that, have yourselves a great remainder of the day, and mark 17th December on your calendar, as this is when things will be heating up at the Theatre Royal Nelson!

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