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New Zealand

Posey Parker drowned by thousands


Posey Parker made a brief appearance in Oakland today, but it was clear that she would have a hard time hearing her voice in front of thousands of people exercising their right to free speech.

The streets of Auckland’s city center were today crowded with the noise of tubas, homemade drums and distorted music.

Over 1,000 people gathered in Albert Park to meet British anti-trans activist Kelly Jay Keane Minschl, aka Posey Parker.

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* Health advice removed due to anti-trans pressure

But the majority of those people were there not to support her, but to drown her in an orchestra of makeshift instruments and bottles of tomato juice.

Parker arrived at the Band Rotunda in Albert Park, where she was scheduled to hold court, and found a large group of protesters operating at high decibel levels.

But as she took the stage, a protester appeared from behind her and emptied what appeared to be tomato juice from her.

Parker was escorted out of the area by security and taken to a waiting patrol car. She then told the audience in a livestream that she may not be holding the event tomorrow in Wellington due to safety concerns. has been witnessed.

Prior to her arrival, her supporters were separated from the crowd by a series of barricades. It was here that the two groups clashed violently.

Two men, dressed in black and hiding their faces, yelled at each other across the border.

Some of those who appeared to be guarding areas with Parker supporters had slogans on their clothing associated with radical alt-right groups.

“Bad guys, good habits,” read one man’s hoodie – Will2Rise’s slogan. Co-founder of the now-defunct American white supremacist group Rise Above Movement, an organization led by Robert Rundo.

Another wore a shirt with the words “it’s okay to be white” and the logo of the Azov Battalion, a controversial Ukrainian military group linked to far-right groups and neo-Nazi ideology. I was wearing a hat.

Protesters in far-right clothing outside an area barricaded for Posie Parker supporters. Photo: Matthew Scott

However, when Parker was escorted out of the area, the barricades soon collapsed and pro-trans protesters flocked to the rotunda.

Parker’s few remaining supporters remained inside the Rotunda, and several scenes of physical confrontation ensued – a group of at least five people, including far-right activist Dewey de Boer, allegedly shot a bottle or some kind of noise. Maker.

By that point, however, the area was mostly populated by mutually consenting people, and the protest movement had turned into a general rally calling for transgender rights and LGBT+ acceptance.

One of the organizers of the event, prominent rainbow activist Chanille Lal, turned to the rotunda with a megaphone and appeared to be about to speak. However, whistles and bells from the crowd continued with a frenzied pitch, making it almost impossible.

Chanille Lal at the Band Rotunda in Albert Park after Parker’s departure.Photo: Matthew Scott

But while immediate support for Parker seemed to fade quickly, there was considerable protest with similar values ​​just down the hill from Aotea Square.

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki gathered hundreds of people in Aotea Square to hold signs decorated with issues similar to Parker’s.

The anti-Parker crowd headed to Aotea Square, where the two groups formed a line to confront each other and butt heads. Most often, figuratively speaking.

I looked around and saw people talking as tensions grew on both sides and anger exploded. Many times the words flew in front of the fist – it’s probably questionable whether either side got through to the other.

In Aotea Square, immovable objects meet unstoppable forces.Photo: Matthew Scott

However, there were reports of violence. One anti-Parker protester had his cell phone stolen in Albert Park and was punched in the face while walking down Queen Street through a group of Tamaki’s Tu Tangata forces carrying a rainbow flag. He said he was taken.

With police escorts in hand, Tamaki’s protest began a slow march down Queen Street led by the man himself. The two groups began to blur and merge as they made their way down the road.

Brian Tamaki leads the congregation down Queen Street.Photo: Matthew Scott

Such protests usually reach Te Committee Tanga, an area outside Britomart, where they are reconstituted.

Today, a festival run by Auckland’s Nepalese community was already underway, forcing Tamaki’s herd to turn back.

So the whole crowd marched to Aotea Square.

The energy on both sides seemed boundless. Perhaps evidence of the growing pressure the debate over transgender rights has fueled in recent years, with a culture war heading for New Zealand.

Today they landed.

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