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New Zealand

Pope presents true cross relic to King Charles’ coronation

King Charles’ May 6 coronation procession is led by a cross containing religious relics gifted to the monarch by Pope Francis.

Dubbed the Cross of Wales, the cross contains two fragments of the true cross said to have been used to crucify Jesus Christ.

The Royal Palace made the announcement on Tuesday, New Zealand time.

The small shards are only visible up close as they are embedded in a large silver cross behind the rose crystal gemstone. One is 1 cm and the other is 5 mm.

Made from recycled silver bullion provided by the Royal Mint at Llantrissant in South Wales, the Cross of Wales includes Welsh windfall wood and a shaft of Welsh slate.

On the back of the cross are inscribed in Welsh the words of St David’s last sermon, “Byddwch lawen. Cadwch y ffydd. Gwnewch y Pethau Bychain”, which translates to “Rejoice. Keep the faith. Little things.” please do

The Welsh Cross was a gift from the King to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Wales. Before heading to London, Holly is blessed by Archbishop of Wales Andrew his John at a service at his Trinity Church in Llandudno, North Wales.

The cross returned from the coronation is shared between the Anglican and Catholic Churches of Wales.

The silver elements are fully featured, including the leopard’s head royal mark worn by the King himself during a visit to the Goldsmiths Center in London last November.

Archbishop Andrew said: “We are honored that Your Majesty has chosen to commemorate our 100th anniversary with a beautiful and symbolic cross.

“Its design speaks to our Christian faith, our traditions, our resources and our commitment to sustainability. I am happy.”

Mark O’Toole, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff and Bishop of Menebia, said: Holy throne. Not only is this a testament to our country’s deep roots in Christianity, but it will also encourage all of us to live our lives in the love given to us by our Savior Jesus Christ. ”

Well before his coronation, King Charles met a Catholic delegation at Buckingham Palace.

As King, Charles is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster, on behalf of a delegation of twelve, swore allegiance of his church to the new king.

“Over the years, we have observed your desire and unstinting efforts to seek and improve the well-being of all mankind through your religious beliefs, your commitment to environmental protection and the alleviation of poverty. I was.

“Catholic society, our society, your kingdom, strives to provide an education for young people rooted in the faith and with it a commitment to human dignity, and therefore addresses these fundamental concerns. I deeply support it.”


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