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New Zealand

Pope Francis appoints John Adams as Bishop of Palmerston North

Pope Francis has appointed Father John Adams of the Diocese of Christ Church as the new Catholic Bishop of Palmerston North.

The appointment was announced in Rome on Thursday 22 June at 10pm New Zealand time and will fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Bishop Charles Drennan in 2019.

Christchurch-born Adams, ordained a priest in 2003, is a parish priest in the Parish of St Peter Chanel, North Canterbury.

He is a teacher by training and has been the Educational Chaplain of the Diocese of Christchurch since 2013 and has been Chair of the Diocesan Priests’ Council since 2015.

“I was surprised and delighted to hear about Palmerston North’s invitation to be the next Catholic bishop just a week or so ago,” says Adams.

“I regret that my very happy and fulfilling days in the Parish of Christchurch will soon come to an end, but I have experienced enough of God’s providence in my life so far to know that the power of God’s grace is not limited by place. I found out

“Certainly, we live in a time of urgent need to hear the gospel ‘good news.

“I would like to say to the people of Palmerston North that our prayers for you have already begun and we look forward to sharing the same ‘good news’ with you,” said Bishop-elect Adams. Stated.

Pope Francis has put the Church’s role in synods at the forefront of Catholic consciousness, and Adams is known for his collaborative leadership style.

After attending a lecture on Devine Renovation Father James Mallon Adams became fully convinced that the Divine Innovation model was truly the way to go.

“The way forward, or a breakthrough for me, was when I realized that one of my leadership strategies was collaborative leadership, where the specific weaknesses and shortcomings I had were my team, So having a senior leadership team can improve.”

“This was just right for me,” Adams said on the Ministry of Sacred Reform YouTube channel.

Bishop of Auckland Stephen Lowe, president of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference, warmly welcomed the Pope’s announcement.

“We are delighted to have Father John appointed as the new Bishop of Palmerston North,” said Bishop Lowe.

“Bishop-Elect John is a beloved parish priest and will bring a rich experience of pastoral and spiritual leadership to the new diocese.

“I look forward to sharing the Ordination of the New Shepherd with the people of the parish.”

A date for the ordination of Bishop Adams-elect has not yet been set, but it is likely by the end of September.

Curriculum Vitae of the Incoming Bishop John Adams

Date of Birth: November 18, 1963
Birthplace: Christchurch, New Zealand
Priestly Ordination: July 4, 2003.Parish: Christchurch

Christchurch, Northcote Primary School 1968 – 1974
Casebrook Middle School, Christchurch 1975 – 1976
St Bees College, Christchurch 1977 – 1981

Degrees, Awards, Diplomas
Bachelor of Science University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Degree in Education, Christchurch Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Bachelor of Theology (Auckland, New Zealand)
Advanced Diploma in Theology, Sydney, Australia

formation of priests
Good Shepherd House, Christchurch 1995
Holy Cross Theological Seminary, Auckland, New Zealand 1996 – 2003

priest’s ministry
July 2003 – February 2004: Saint Teresa Parish – Vice-priest
2004 – 2005: St. Patrick’s Parish, Greymouth – Associate Priest
2005 – 2007: St. Patrick Parish of Greymouth – Administrator
2008 – 2010: Christ the King Parish – Assistant
2011 – 2018: Saint Joseph Parish – parish priest
2019 – Current Parish of St. Peter Chanel – Parish Priest

Other Appointments in Christchurch Diocese
Third Pastor 2008 – 2010
Clergy Trust Fund 2011 – 2021
Council of Priests 2009 – Present
President of the Council of Priests 2015 – 2023
College of Consultors 2014 – still ongoing
2013 Anglican Education Pastor – Present
Education Council Chair 2015 – Present


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