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New Zealand

Police patrols continue at shopping centers

Police will continue to focus on foot and vehicle patrols around retail shopping centers and malls as New Zealanders enter school holidays this weekend.

We are aware of an incident recently occurring during business hours at some shopping centers, which is understandably causing concern to the community.

Police regularly and continuously work with shopping center managers and retailers in each city to provide advice on how to keep their stores safe.

We also deployed additional staff as needed. Our staff has increased patrols in shopping malls and retail areas that have been targeted by recent crimes.

While shopping malls often employ their own security personnel to provide a sense of security and preventative presence within the mall, police are always the lead in responding to criminal activity.

There continue to be individuals in our community who believe that it is acceptable to take property illegally and to threaten or harm others.

Police are working hard to respond quickly when crimes occur, to bring criminals to court, and to hold these individuals accountable for their actions.


Published by Police Media Center

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-patrols-shopping-centres-continue Police patrols continue at shopping centers

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