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New Zealand

Police are steering towards a more electric future

Police are steering toward a more electric future with further deployment of electric pool vehicles in an effort to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.

A trial of 38 EVs began at the end of November using Hyundai Konas, which has a cruising range of about 400km on a single charge.

But it doesn’t show up with red and blue flashing lights. The EV will be for non-operational work. The police currently have a Skoda plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for frontline operations, but work is ongoing in that space given the standards a frontline vehicle must meet.

Hyundai’s trial will analyze GPS and usage data over the next six months and provide direct feedback in focus group sessions with users to determine the success of the project.

The EV has been deployed in Wellington so far, with 14 more locations expected to receive vehicles within the next three months.

The New Zealand Police have one of New Zealand’s largest fleets of 3,500 vehicles, including approximately 2,200 registered police cars, making it one of New Zealand’s largest fleets.

Fleets, including motorcycles, boats, and helicopters, contribute about 51.4% of the police’s carbon footprint.

In June 2020, the prime minister encouraged the government’s chief executive to consider replacing light vehicles with electric vehicles to support government goals.

New Zealand Police are working to procure a viable battery electric vehicle and have outlined a five-year plan to achieve zero emissions vehicles.This is expected to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.


Published by Police Media Center

https://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-are-steering-towards-more-electric-future Police are steering towards a more electric future

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