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Paris Hilton accused of ‘problematic puppy purchase’ after buying new Chihuahua | Paris Hilton Art & Art News

Paris Hilton has been criticized by animal rights group PETA for buying a new Chihuahua puppy, a relative of her beloved dog who died earlier this year.

The US media personality revealed in an Instagram post this week that she’s the newest addition to the ‘Hilton Pet Family’ — two months after her heartbreak at Hilton Death of Harajuku B, a long time friend****was 23 years old.

She uploaded a short video of her new dog to her 24.1 million followers on social networks. No name yet.

Hilton She added in the caption, “I really love my new puppy! So adorable and sweet!”

“It’s so special that he’s actually related to my angel, Harajuku B****, who passed away earlier this year. It’s like a little piece of her is still here with me. is.”

This is what the socialite and businesswoman said when she lost Harajuku B**** (named after a district of Tokyo known for its colorful fashion) in May, “the immeasurable.” This is what happened after he expressed his pain.

But PETA criticized Hilton for “publishing the problematic purchase on social media” and said she should have adopted a homeless animal instead of buying a dog from a breeder.

“If she thinks buying an animal is an act of mercy, this star seems to be living under a rock. A visit to an animal shelter will tell you how many Chihuahuas need their owners.” If you look in Petfinder for five minutes, you’ll find thousands more Chihuahuas, “including puppies,” the statement said.

“PETA knows that Paris Hilton loves retail therapy the most, but we ask her to only shop for trifles and bags.”

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The company has now promised to run a series of “high-profile” ads in Los Angeles in response to her “species splurge.”

Earlier this year, Hilton so is her babyPhoenix Baron Hilton Leumwas born by a surrogate mother.

The 42-year-old, known for her business ventures and reality shows like The Simple Life, recently spoke to Sky News about her experience. Attends boarding school for so-called ‘troubled teens’ and campaigns against allegations of abuse at the facility.

https://news.sky.com/story/paris-hilton-accused-of-problematic-puppy-purchase-after-buying-new-chihuahua-12917203 Paris Hilton accused of ‘problematic puppy purchase’ after buying new Chihuahua | Paris Hilton Art & Art News

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