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New Zealand

Parents may have some blood products

December can be one of the busiest months of the year, but beneath the advertising, shopping, tinsel and Christmas trees, there’s a deep silence. The Christ Child is sleeping in his mother’s arms.the silence that gathers around read more

When you set up a Christmas tree that has been in storage for 12 months above your wardrobe, you wonder where the year has gone. Somewhere I feel like I’m back in July.decorating read more

The Pope’s interview last month with the Jesuit journal America was a textbook example of why the Vatican doesn’t want the Pope to be interviewed. Did read more

Today Australia is filled with politicians who identify or identify as Catholic. Anthony Albanese is Catholic. On the east coast, three prime ministers, Dominic Perrotet (NSW), Daniel Andrews (Victoria) and Peter Malinaukas (SA), are Catholic.there is read more

https://cathnews.co.nz/2022/12/05/baby-surgery-blood-products-vaccinated-donors-anti-vax/ Parents may have some blood products

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