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Papal Abuse Commission moves in impact-focused direction

The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors is undergoing a major shift toward a more influential direction, according to its chairman, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston.

The commission held its General Assembly in Rome from May 3 to 6, where it discussed various topics and made some important decisions.

According to the commission’s May 8 press release, the changes include a proposal to update church guidelines for addressing clergy sexual abuse, and an “evaluate the adequacy of local church protection guidelines.” Includes future “audit tools” for

“This new direction has been steep and rapid for all of us at times, reflecting the urgency of the challenge. Six months of this accelerated pace is causing growing pains,” Cardinal O’Malley said in a press release.

Cardinal O’Malley said, “The plenary will make important adjustments to our working methodologies to clarify our different roles and to create a sense of common ownership of our mandate and shared responsibility for its execution. has been developed,” he said.

To provide more training and support to victims and their families in poorer parts of the world, the Commission established a fund made up of contributions from the Conference of Bishops.

In addition, the Commission approved a five-year strategic plan that identifies objectives, goals and performance indicators to measure progress and hold stakeholders accountable.

The committee also discussed new challenges, such as how to respond to Pope Francis’ request to combat online child abuse and commission a detailed study of various forms of vulnerability. The committee agreed to provide church bodies with strong measures to combat this emerging area of ​​abuse.

Changes made to create a sense of collective responsibility

During the plenary session, the Commission made important adjustments to its working methodology to clarify the various roles and create a sense of common ownership of its mandate and joint responsibility for its implementation.

The statement alludes to criticism made by Jesuit Father Hans Zorner, a leading authority on the issue of abuse, who recently resigned from the commission over concerns about the way the advisory body has been handled over the past few years. bottom.

O’Malley thanked Pope Francis and said that the commission has created a visible physical center dedicated to combating sexual abuse within the Church and a center that welcomes those affected by abuse. He stressed that he recognized the need.

The new framework will be submitted to church leaders, victims’ groups, and other key stakeholders for a period of public comment before being finalized later this year.

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