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New Zealand

Objection to re-election of Catholic parliamentarians

Pro-life MP Simon O’Connor faces re-election challenges.

In June, National Party leader Christopher Luxon denied O’Connor’s right to free speech and freedom of conscience after telling lawmakers to delete a Facebook post about the Roe v. Wade overthrow.

“Simon O’Connor’s post has been removed because it causes distress and does not represent the National Party’s position,” Luxon said. June statement.

CathNews has reached out to a person close to the National Party for comment.

“It’s political inexperience that’s plaguing him with Christopher Luxon’s return,” CathNews said.

“The party’s popularity is slowly recovering (after Laxson’s dismissal order), but people are still not entirely convinced by Chris.”

“Traditionally, the National Party treats abortion and other life issues as matters of conscience. While I disagree with O’Connor’s zeal, I respect his right to his opinion,” Cass News said. Told.

However, Luxon describes herself as a pro-life and said last year that she believes abortion is tantamount to murder.

He also clarified that New Zealand’s abortion law will not be “re-litigated or reconsidered” under any future national government.

Over the weekend, it was confirmed that three other people would like to become national candidates for Tama voters.

Well-known for his pro-life views, O’Connor holds the National seat with a majority of 8,068 votes. He is the third-highest congressman in the 2020 election.

It will be his first challenge since taking over the safe Blue Tamaki position in 2011.

Aside from confirming that he is seeking re-election, O’Connor has refused to discuss the challenge. not.

“I am very focused on working with the excellent team here and telling them why I am still the best choice,” he says.

One of the people reportedly challenging him is Claire Ward.

She is the sister of blogger Cameron Slater and the daughter of former National Party leader John Slater.

Family friends include Judith Collins.

Ward has lashed out at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during the 2021 Covid-19 lockdown. In a media video, he criticized the impact of lockdowns on businesses and mental health, as well as mandating vaccines.

O’Connor needs the support of local party members and delegates to continue his national nomination.

Incumbents rarely face challenges with their own voters.

All national candidates, including current members of parliament, must go through a new national vetting process before the next election. These processes include police checks and scrutiny of social media and personal history.


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